Unarmed social workers preparing to respond to 911 calls in Cambridge

A team of unarmed social workers could soon start responding to some 911 calls in Cambridge instead of the police.

The director of the city’s new Community Assistance Response and Engagement told Boston 25 News that the team is preparing for a rollout as soon as July.

They’re now anticipating the tentative plan that will involve dispatchers sending them to non-violent incidents and mental health crises.

That sounds nice. Will they ride unicorns to the scene?

I guarantee one of the fastest ways to turn a non-violent crime into a violent crime is to have an unarmed social worker show up and not be a deterrent.

It’s going to get out of control in the North Boston area.

This is why I’m applying for my MA LTC.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “This is why I’m applying for my MA LTC”
  1. its cambridge- home of the beautiful people.. they will learn the hard way. liberals make whitey bulger look like a choir boy.. good luck on the ma ltc..

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