Tourists targeted in antisemitic attack while walking in Bal Harbour

A New Jersey family said they were the target of an antisemitic attack while they walked along a busy roadway in Bal Harbour.

A vacation to the Sunshine State took a dark turn for the Orgen family when, they said, they had a run-in with a group spewing antisemitism​.

“It was one of our Jewish holidays. We were visiting in Florida,” victim Jamie Orgen said. “We saw a white SUV, four people in the car, rolled their windows down and were harassing the other Jews that were walking near us, yelling ‘Free Palestine, F- you, Jews. Die, Jews.’”

Organ, who is 16, and her father, Eric Orgen, said it happened at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday near Collins Avenue and Harbour Way.​

“I mean, my first instinct was to put Jamie and my wife and the friend that we were with just behind me in case anything happened, I would take the brunt of whatever it was,” Eric said.

Then, the Orgens said the people in the SUV turned their attention towards them.

“Then, they started yelling at us, yelling horrible things,” Jamie said. “‘We’re going to rape your wife. We’re going rape your daughter.’”

However, the Orgens said it was not just insults and vulgar language that was hurled their way.

​”Threw some garbage at us, a cup of water, I believe,” Jamie said.

The Orgens said a good Samaritan jumped in to help the family.

“A gentleman in the car behind them actually got in between, and he showed a gun to get them to get away from us, and they took off,” Eric said.

Just Palestinian supporters being pro-Palestinian.

The rape threats are something we started to see in places like London.

I feel for the  father protecting his family, but he was armed with nothing and outnumbered.  What could he do but fight valiantly and sacrifice himself?

The good Samaritan who brought out the gun de-escalated the situation with the one language these people understand, the threat of violence.

Jews need to get out of Jew-hating Blue states.  After they move to Florida they need to immediately get a CWP and a gun and practice with it.

This shit is going to get worse because the powers in charge at best don’t care and some really want it to.

Jews can’t be idle about self defense anymore.

Like is says in the Sefer Hamakabim: “and the Lord said stay strapped or get clapped.”


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By J. Kb

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