Woman: “Outside of Silicon Valley, California is a shithole.  How can you help those of us who didn’t not live and work in Silicon Valley?”

Governor Newsom: “Let me tell you why California isn’t a shithole.  (States a bunch of things great about Silicon Valley).”

Apparently the former Mayor of San Francisco can’t be bothered to consider the rest of the state as Governor.

This is why he will lose unless he cheats.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “This is why Newsom will lose recall if he can’t cheat”
    1. If the DC machine is worried he will upset the apple cart (gravy train?) for them, they will use the election to kneecap him. If they think that he is still somewhat of an asset for them, he will survive the recall. The voting is just cover for them and the counts will reflect their wants.

  1. C’mon guys. How could your heart not swell three sizes after hearing the man with amazing hair speak?

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