By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This is why the Left is so upset about Joseph Rosenbaum”
    1. I wonder if it would be covered by “justification” under state law. In NH perhaps. That of course assumes you survived the exercise in the first place.

  1. Still disgusting as hell but supposedly a re-tread from Beau’s funeral. Don’t know why it’s getting spread around so recently.

  2. RWC,

    Maybe Kamalala Haris and her team are pushing the Pedo Joe narrative? There are a lot of worse actual things you can blame on Prezzy Joe and his band of screw-ups. But the blame for those screw-ups will also splatter on his Vice President too. Kamalala cannot have that! She so wants to be POTUS#47.

    The White House Biden Team are definitely pushing the Kamalala is incompetent narrative.

    If only they both could lose? Maybe then America could win?

    1. I’m not sure she does. I’m sure Heels-Up wants the power, the adulation, etc, but she sure as hell doesn’t want the responsibility. Hell, she’s been hiding under a blanket for most of this year; I grant there’s not a lot to the VP job but she’s been weirdly invisible.

  3. Toastrider,

    You are right about VP Harris not wanting to take responsibility. She has been burned lots of times. Remember the Afghanistan Withdrawal? “I was the last person in the room when Joe made the decision to withdraw,” Kamala’s boast from the Spring is now a damning admission of complicity.

    No Democrat (or any politician) wants to accept responsibility at any time for their failures. It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Loyal aides know they will be sacrificed if things turn to shit, and keep their mouths shut.

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