The mainstream media in the United States hate guns and wants them banned.  Just watch CNN or MSNBC, or read just about every newspaper in the country.

Also, those same reporters all think they are smarter than you because they have degrees from elite schools.

So it infuriates them when they run into the reality of not knowing basic things that millions of flyover state, Untermenschen, who didn’t go to Ivy or Little Ivy know and make look easy.

If you want to know why elites use trucker or trucking as an insult, it’s because they have no idea how to do an air brake check.  All those buttons, gauges, and mechanical parts confuse them.  But because someone with a high school diploma and several months of CDL training can do, and they with their Harvard degree can’t, they dismiss it and belittle it rather than admit that they don’t know everything in the known universe.

So, how does this relate to gun control?

Watch this:

Any responsible gun owner and/or member of the gun community would know not to point a gun at a buddy and pull the trigger.

Here is this reporter trying to explain guns to you like he knows his shit, and when handed one acted like a fucking doofus and under any other circumstances could have put a couple of rounds through his buddy.

Since he can’t admit that he’s a fuckup around guns and should probably stick to explaining things he knows like how to properly take care up a gender-neutral, vegan cat in an apartment the size of a coffin in Manhattan, he’s going to tell you why guns themselves need to be banned because you’re too irresponsible to own them.

It’s pure projection.

Maybe what we should do is require that gun ownership be mandatory in the US, like Kennesaw, Georgia did for the city.  Give it two weeks and the Blue bubbles in America will thin themselves out pretty substantially by being stupid.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “This is why the media hates guns – they can’t stand the cognitive dissonance”
  1. He was a Newbie in the range. Where were safety officers?

    My state sucks from 2A point of view, but may be there is something in requiring mandatory gun safety course. For example, in High School, ~4 hours theory, disassemble/clean/assemble something, then some gun range time. We had training like that in upper-middle school (and much more, with some of it, like field medicine, very useful in life). Totally stripped guns of any fun and mystique, on par with any other school taught subject.

  2. The projection part is spot on. My dad is anti-gun in a “we should ban them all and use law enforcement to go after anyone who doesn’t turn them in”

    When asked *what* should be banned and confiscated “anything that can fire several bullets quickly.

    I mean, this is the guy who I brought to the range once. He refused to shoot my .22, opting for the 1911. Managed to load rounds *backwards* into 7 rd 1911 mags. And when I went to the bathroom during our pre-range safety briefing I did with him, I left the gun but took the mag and ammo with me to the bathroom. I come out to find my dad pointing my 1911 up, at a 45 degree angle out the sliding glass door!

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