One of the things about going to two small colleges was the graduation was fairly quick.

My wife went to a big state school and that took for damn ever to hand every graduating student their diploma.

The college I attended was a private school.  We actually practiced our graduation the day before and were told, very clearly, that any disruptive behavior would be met with severe punishment.   Punishment like not getting your diploma.

Everyone was well behaved, including the parents and guests attending.

At my wife’s graduation, there were people who brought banners and air horns like it was a football game.  It was embarrassing to watch.

Apparently at the University of Florida, when students started to do a victory dance worth of a Touchdown celebration penalty, a dean hurried the students off stage.

Unfortunately for the school, the graduates caught on video doing this were black.  Now the school is facing accusations of racism.

I get that graduating from college is something to celebrate, but some things are solemn and the graduation procession is one of them.

Getting married is worth celebrating but that doesn’t mean you can hold a wet t-shirt contest in the baptismal font.

That’s what the reception and after party are for.

Unfortunately a bunch of students not taking this shit with the seriousness and reverence that they should is ruined graduation for everyone else and is getting the school in hot water.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This is why we can’t have nice things, UF graduation edition”
  1. I went to my girlfriend’s niece’s graduation from Hamilton College in Utica, NY last summer. The crowd was asked firmly multiple times to not pull any of that stuff, but plenty did anyhow (and some families did it multiple times for friends of their kids who were graduating). It probably took 50% longer because of that crap.

    1. That one guy was more embarrassed that he was manhandled than the fact that he did a stupid dance on stage and wasted everybody’s time.

      What the hell standard of personal conduct is that?

  2. All the left has is racism and they will never let it go. They scream racism over anything they dont like. Gettin old. That and “white privilege “

  3. Always felt the graduation ceremoney was a waste of time and boderline heretical for ANY self respecting religion. One pays to receive an education and if they meet the institute’s standards they recieve a diploma. Cult like self aggrandizing cermonies of a semi religious nature have no business in any level of education.

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