SF is about to start issuing a lot more concealed carry permits; here’s what that means

As Democratic lawmakers call for stricter gun control in light of the mass shootings in California, one gun law in San Francisco is now loosening.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department has just approved its first concealed carry weapons permit since a Supreme Court ruling last year eased the eligibility requirements around who can carry a firearm in public.

A concealed carry weapons permit, or a CCW, allows ordinary citizens to legally carry a gun in public. For years, San Francisco law made it nearly impossible to get one. San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto said that prior to the ruling, only someone considered to be a target, like a judge or a diamond jeweler, could have been eligible for a license.

“Like a judge.”

Let that sink in.

You cam protect yourself in the festering shithole of San Francisco, but a judge can.  Because judges are special and well connected, and you are not.

The significant change from the Bruen decision was that they took out the ‘good cause’ requirement for someone who is applying for a CCW license,” Miyamoto told ABC7 News. “Which basically means as long as you clear our vetting process, our background procedures, and as long as you take a safety course and demonstrate you’re responsible, you’re given an opportunity to have a license.”

Miyamoto said so far the city is processing 72 applications, and they expect to get nearly 100 to 200 more over the next year. “Which is very different from the four we processed in the past 10 or so years,” he said.

I bet he’s going to get 100 or 200 more in the next month if not the next week.

Remember when Asians were lined up around the block to buy pepper spray after multiple public attacks on Asian women and Asian business owners?

People are going to swamp the SFSD with applications.

The Bruen decision was these best SCOTUS decision since Heller and McDonald.

When you can carry a gun in San Francisco, you know you’re winning.

If you are in San Francisco and your pro-gun election last for more than four hours, see this thread here.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “This is winning in San Francisco”
  1. “…Because judges are special and well connected,…”
    While that may be true, there is also the “A judge holds a position that is likely to make criminals angry, and therefore is a more likely target for violence than the average person.” factor. I am going to give a (massive) benefit of the doubt here, and assume the intent was not rewarding the special and well connected, but instead protecting the most likely to get attacked/need defensive help.
    While I abhor the “I’m special and you are not.” aspect of it, if you have a job that makes you a target, you should get a bit more consideration.
    Of course, the best way is to remove any “test” before issuing the permit. You should be the person who determines if you are in danger enough to warrant a carry permit, end of story.

    1. In San Francisco, I suspect judges are more likely to be attacked by the families of the victims of crime for letting criminals go without punishment than being attacked by the criminals themselves.
      Also, I suspect that a gas station worker or a BART commuter is much more likely to be the victim pf crime than a judge.
      So while I understand the logic at face value, it’s still just special treatment to me.

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