Here is what the paper should say:

The PULSE night club was the site of a hostage crisis and mass casualty shooting on June 12, 2016.  The shooting was a terrorist attack carried out by Omar Mateen, a radical Islamist terrorist who pledged allegiance to ISIS. Mateen scouted out several soft targets for hos terrorist attack, including the PULSE nightclub and a Disney location.  Mateen was unaware of PULSE being a gay club and selected it due to its lack of security and being a gun free zone.  Mateen never mentioned homosexuality or homophobia as motivation for his shooting, instead citing his desire to kill Americans and forcing the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East as his motivation.  Mateen was under surveillance by the FBI, who failed to prevent the shooting. 

The narrative that the PULSE shooting was a homophobic or anti-LGBT mass casualty hate crimes was fabricated by the major news media networks to attack presidential candidate Donald Trump.  On social media, many people have been lead to believe that a Right Wing, Trump supporter shot up the PULSE nightclub out of bigotry.  None of that is factually accurate according to all published reports by local, state, and federal law enforcement.  This was one of first major acts of journalistic malpractice carried out against Trump and Republicans.

I guatentee that this judge does not know the facts of the PULSE shooting and believes the media narrative.  I further suspect that this individual will be held in contempt of court if his paper does not reflect the narrative.

This judge, I believe, is using this punishment to coerce a lie out of the convicted, along an a mea culpa.

This is absolutely unacceptable.  No punishment issued by a judge should force a person to lie.

I fervently believe that this judge should be impeached because this judge clearly does not rely on facts but on Left Wing prejudice.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This judge needs to be impeached”
  1. You left out: “Within a few weeks, Mateen’s father was on-stage with Hillary Clinton, signaling the Democrat party’s approval of the mass murded.”

  2. Unless they allowed one sentence per page, I don’t think it’s possible to say 25 pages worth about the Pulse Club terrorist attack. Maybe if the author went into full fiction mode and made up everything?

    1. Go into detail about the failure of the police to act fast enough to save lives? Detail that he was a “known wolf” the feds let run free?

  3. Look at the Democrat Party and their control of the most violent cities in the Nation. Black lives don’t really matter. Do you think they feel any more for Gay Lives? Or your lives?

  4. Judge: “This report is full of ‘fake news’ and is unacceptable. Why should I not hold you in contempt of this court?”

    Defendant: “Your Honor, what is in there that is false?”

    Judge: “All of this about how the shooter was known to the FBI, how the shooter’s selection of his target wasn’t a homophobic attack, how the police didn’t respond quickly … all of it! How do you explain yourself?”

    Defendant: “Your Honor, not long ago I stood in this courtroom, placed my hand upon a Bible, and swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I’ve researched the shooting, the events leading up to it, the background of the shooter and the FBI’s involvement, the police response and their delays, where the shooter purchased the gun and passed a background check to do so … everything. I understand it was a politically contentious and heated topic, but everything in my report is the truth, or as close to it as I could find, all backed up and supported by on-site testimony, forensic analysis, and investigative procedures. In short, Your Honor, to hand you anything else would be a lie.”

    And make sure the stenographer records all that for whatever happens next.

  5. 1) Anyone who defaces a mural is presumptively a troglodyte, on the level of someone who goes to a museum and slashes paintings, unless the mural in question was pornographic, and/or trying to recruit kids in front of a school, or somesuch similar nefarious crap.
    2) Nowhere do I read that the judge demanded a LGBTEIEIO-centric explanation of the shooting was required. The judge may have assumed the shooting was anti-gay, in which case 25 pages of information along the lines you began might give Hizzoner the chance to soak up some facts new to his mind, which is never a bad idea for judges.
    3) 25 pages is a light sentence. He could’ve been given 25 days cleaning city park restrooms with a toothbrush. At any rate, if he does the 25 pages legitimately, he’s fulfilled his sentence.
    4) The judge should be handing out similar sentences to people who deface Civil War monuments.
    5) Anyone too illiterate to fulfill the sentence should be sentenced to completing their GED.
    Then writing the essay.

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