Doctor Allen Frances is a real psychiatrist.  He was the Chair of Duke University Dept of Psychiatry the DSM-IV task force.

You would think that a man with such credentials would be a consummate professional who would not let politics sully his reputation.

It turns out politics and TDS can destroy the best of men.

This is him talking about Donald Trump on CNN:

Stalin killed 20 million people.  He started the Holodomor to punish the Ukrainian people for resisting joining the Soviet Union.  He had Soviet soldiers take every morsel of food, every kernel of grain, until between six and eight million Ukrainians starved to death.

Another 10 million Soviet citizens were worked or froze or starved to death in Gulags or prison camps or building roads in Siberia.  Millions more were just shot.

Hitler killed 12 million people.  Six million Jews in an ethnic genocide and six million other undesirables or political dissidents.

Mao killed 50 million Chinese.  Staving some 30 million to death with agricultural policies that directly caused the greatest famine in human history.  Tens of millions more were executed or worked to death.

Pol Pot had one million Cambodians shot and another one million worked to death in the killing fields.

Notice a trend here of far-Leftist socialists shooting, starving, or working to death millions of people.

Tell me exactly where are the labor camps, death camps, gas chambers, gulags, and crematoriums of the Trump administration?

Where are the rail cars full of human beings headed for their deaths at gunpoint?

Where are the mass graves?


The idea that I’ve seen online that he’s talking about the deaths from weather or floods related to climate change is bullshit.  Millions have not died from the weather during the Trump administration and it’s scientifically fallacious horseshit to point to any death or natural disaster and say “had Trump done X, this would not have happened and these people would not have died.”

On top of that, for a psychiatrist to throw around the word “crazy” the way he did when he was clearly brought onto the show with the authority of a psychiatrist, and to declare that everyone who voted for Trump to be crazy is beyond irresponsible.

Nothing that this man said was within the bounds of reason or the canon of professional ethics.

He has a free speech right to say what he does but as a licensed professional he has to obey the canon of professional ethics, which he violated.  Doctor Allen Frances needs to have his licenses revoked and be censured by the APA.

If he is not, this will get worse.  The Left will start violating the Goldwater rule in every election and judicial confirmation, with board-certified psychiatrists and psychologists using their clout to declare the candidate they don’t like to be mentally unstable in election ads.

This must be stopped and hard before fall down the rabbit hole of the Soviet system where psychiatry was abused for political purposes.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “This kind of thing should cost an MD his licence to practice”
  1. I don’t believe they intend this talk about megadeaths to be a prediction about Trump, but rather a threat about what they will do it he’s reelected.

    1. LMAO – What ‘they’ will do when he is reelected- have more crying parties, weep, sob, suck their unicorn dolls, and curl up in their safe spaces.

  2. If Trump wants to be Hitler, he has a lot of catching up.
    At this point in his dictatorship, Hitler had already took over the Reichtag, voted himself absolute power, had the military swear personal allegiance, purged his own party, and was busy taking over German industry.

  3. His opinion on Economics should carry no more weight than yours or mine – according to his own argument. After all, the colleges that handed out his degrees and awards should have given us the same degrees and awards, just like the ice cream cones.
    He only considers the results and not the effort that goes into achieving them.

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