I posed earlier about the stabbing death of Leftist activist Ryan Carson.

His girlfriend is now the beneficiary of a GoFundMe for over $60,000 at the time of this posting.

In the description it says:

Hi everyone.

We are a collective of Ryan’s close friends, reeling from a brutal loss. We are asking for your help on behalf of his partner in easing the burden and stress of this horrifying situation so that we can have space and time to grieve, and remember Ryan. Immediate needs are to offset the costs of working class people taking time off of work to properly mourn.

This is a lot of Leftist gobbledygook that translates to covering her bills while she mourns, while increasing her victim status.

The original goal was $20,000 but they blew right past that.

How long a mourning period does she need, because $20,000 is a lot of money.  It’s way more than the average weekly salary, assuming she took of a week.

At $60,000, that’s a year’s salary to take off from work to mourn.

And she’s his girlfriend, not his wife.

Her boyfriend gets stabbed and she rushes to GoFundMe to make money off his death.

That seems odd.

And another thing.

Watch the video again.



Her behavior is odd.

Shr doesn’t scream, she doesn’t apply first aid, she doesn’t touch him and try to help, she doesn’t call the police, she just stands over his crumpled body and asks “are you okay.”

But she does create a GoFundMe.

This whole situation seems sketchy.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “This level of grift seems suspicious”
  1. Leftist learned the hard way that you hang with leftist people you get left to die while they plan the money making scheme…. Everything they do is done to benefit THEM. 

  2. “Her behavior is odd.”

    Oh good. I wasn’t the only person who thought that. I mean it ‘could’ be shock but….

  3. Idk man like I don’t get the point here. Seems like a lot of I don’t understand basic things like emotion and people giving in tragedy. There really isn’t anything suspicious on the surface.

    Her not doing anything is a typical reaction we’ve seen dozens of times covered on this blog, this was clearly a never gonna happen to me situation she was put in and she had no game plan for it. Id bet this isn’t real was the theme song playing in her head at the time.

    I don’t understand policing her grief also, like you think this woman who was just introduced to the most violent aspects of life and clearly had no notion of it is just gonna be ready to move and go back to work in a week? I think were all finding a little too much schadenfreude here.

    1. I’ve had close family members die. I didn’t rush to GoFundMe with some Leftist talking points about how hard it is for working people to afford to take time off to grieve, and then raise a year’s salary from donations. That seems extremely despicable and unnatural behavior.

      1. J.Kb I gave your take some time to sink in, and I do believe you’re correct, but I would add that she’s a self-deceived leftist, extreme leftist, who believes she is honoring the cause, which she deserves to benefit from personally, (which she believes is only reasonable) as she raises money off of other self-deceived members of her elite kind. Her entire life’s view is corrupt because it will only increase the criminal class, she believes is a victim. The fact she is able to raise over $50,000 within a day or two only proves blind people are to the underlying truth—-black criminal class and the American Black demographic are not victims of the police, or authority, or anyone else.

      2. Don’t know what planet you’ve lived on, but a quick gofundme is extremely common. Maybe its a class thing, you certainly see it much more frequently and with much more rapidity with lower people in lower economic classes. I think it is also a “class”/shame/tact thing. Some people have no “class”, shame, or tact and rush to turn a profit from things like this. Perhaps you and the people you associate with are of a different economic class and have one or both of “class”/shame/tact so you’ve never seen it. Other times people don’t know what to do so they just give money or setup things like this. Other times close friends of people are bombarded with questions about how to help and how to give so they set things up like this for their friend. Have you never been to a funeral or wake where people leave cards? Do yo know what a lot of people put in those cards? What’s the difference between that and a gofundme? Some unwritten social rule where the cards are private so that is ok and the gofundme is public so its not? It’s the same thing!

        The most leftist word I read in that gofundme was collective; I didn’t find the usage of working class here particularly leftist; they probably don’t have a lot of paid time off for bereavement if any, many places limit that to 3 days. The rest reads like a brief and not that well written obit and a weakly worded request not make a big political stink out of it.

        IDK man, to me it just seems like in the original post you are being a bit of a prick because you don’t like what this guy was about and are feeling a bit of “you reap what you sow”, and thus you are finding this incomprehensible. That’s fine, think whatever you want about it/him/etc. I just think you should acknowledge that or state it, and it seemed like that sentiment is hidden behind the suspicions.

        Hey, it is possible I’m wrong, but I’m just not seeing any compelling evidence for that right now.

  4. I find it curious that, what looks like another person, comes up to her and say something, like, “Go watch him, go watch him” or something similar—I can’t quite make out what was said. Does anyone else hear something different?
    To me, this looks more like a Hate Crime, a successful looking white guy (the criminal’s perspective) engages a black criminal in the act of criminal activity, says something which in turn triggers the violent assault, because it’s what the criminal perceives as interference with his right to take whatever he wants, because of white supremacy tyranny—-again the criminal’s demented perspective.
    If there is something more to it than this, it can’t be proven from this video. As Lenard pointed out, it is reasonable to think she is experiencing deadly violence up close and personal for the first time. It would help if I could understand what the second person said.

  5. The entire video is surreal and almost appears to be a set up. Mr. Vibrant Diversity (Mr. VB) strolls by, assaults someone further up the street, turns around confronts and stabs victim, GF stands there. Mr. VB spits in her face, kicks stabbed victim and leaves. Then as if on cue Ms. Vibrant Diversity appears with cell phone in hand, appears to say something, exits stage right leaving GF standing there as if she were a mannequin.

  6. I read that she also refused to cooperate with the police and give a description of the knife man. She sounds like a real peach.

    1. She is probably just addicted to the religion of leftism.
      Cops are racist killers in her world, so no cooperation, regardless of how bad it gets.

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