The mom is clearly hell bent for leather on transitioning her son.

I wonder what the over/under chances are that the poor child “unalives” himself because of a social contagion transition or permanent damage from puberty blockers vs. committing suicide due to actual gender dysphoria?

I believe every trans child should be taken from their parents and put in the home of a conservative, church going family without social media and attend a parochial school for a year before being allowed to do any transitioning at all.  Just to rule out the influence of the parents attempting to sexually mutilate their child for social media likes.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This mom will probably suffer the worst experience a parent can, I wonder if she will regret this?”
  1. Ahhh the wonderful world of modern day parenting.
    This is like those child competitions where the “moms” went absolutely apeshiite psycho… parents like this should have thier ass removed…

  2. At what point does the Lord rain hellfire and brimstone down on our once great nation to put us out of our misery? Has to be soon.

  3. These drugs weren’t developed for that use. Chances are she’s condemning her kid to die of cancer in his 30s, if he makes it that long. Sounds like the doctor knows that and thinks she should know it, too. For that the doctor’s a hater?

    Last I read, we get a thousand deaths and around 5,000 more with “serious side effects” every year from those drugs now, and they’re very rarely used. Anyone want to guess how many will die when they’re used by all these kids for six to eight years? My bet is that it’s genocide of children.

  4. She’s concerned her child will ‘unalive’ itself? Doctor would be glad they are looking for a new doctor. The parent, assumed to be a responsible adult, rejects professional medical advice because it does not comport with her ideology. Apparently she is not concerned for the actual physical, mental, spiritual health of her child.

    In any other instance I suppose that would be grounds for removing the child from the ‘birthing person’. In this instance, the BS gender neutral term is appropriate for a real mother would show love for her child. Shown is nothing what could be called love.

  5. Suppose instead her son wanted to remove his nipples because they made him feel dirty and like a female?

    Would ANY Doctor say, “Sure, if that will satisfy an immature young child’s “sense of self.” “As a doctor, I would happily mutilate him.” After all, removing the boy’s nipples would be a relatively simple and safe surgery.

    How many doctors do you think would indulge his whimsy, rather than saying, “Son, You need to talk to someone about your thoughts and reasons. Maybe you will change your mind?”

    And more importantly, “Ma’am, you should also sit down with a therapist to discover why your child would ever think of taking such a drastic step.”

    Notice I did not mention her husband? There is a 95% percent chance she is single, and there is no responsible male figure anywhere in that child’s life. If there is a male in his Mom’s life, he is probalbly revolting human scum that the boy thinks is reprehensible, and doesnot even want to think of growing up and becoming.

  6. Children do not have enough real world experience to fully understand the costs/risks/consequences of decisions.

    There is no substitute for making mistakes and suffering the consequences. And, this woman (oh, sorry, I assumed her gender, and if she is insulted, frankly, I do not care), has not had to suffer enough consequences for poor decisions. If she had, she would not be looking for another doctor. An adult would be grateful for a medical professional disclosing potential risks, and urging caution in this situation.

    Instead, today we have adult size children raising children. And, the following generations will suffer as a result.

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