This picture must be photoshopped:

I cannot believe that a hipster like that could carve letters into nine pumpkins without slicing his baby-butt soft hands open.

Remember all those hipster fuckwits having to go to the emergency room because they lost a knife fight to an avocado?

This guy looks like hes a non-tenure track male professor of Feminist  Literature at some North East liberal arts college.

Either that or his wife’s boyfriend did carved those at his request.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “This must be photoshopped”
  1. Photoshop, indeed. A good clue is the D-shaped bits in the middle of the loops of the P and R. Unless the guy has invented anti-gravity, those bits wouldn’t be hanging in mid-air like that.
    The lighting on the P at the bottom (where the shadow is) is also quite unrealistic.
    In other words, it’s not just a fake, it’s a really clumsy fake.

    1. I’ve been doing things like that since I was a kid. You just use some toothpicks, straightened paper clips, or similar to hold the “floating” bit in place. From a distance (especially at night with a candle behind it) you can’t really see the stick.

      1. If you zoom in on the pic a bit, you can see two toothpick sized items supporting the interior negative spaces of the words.

  2. Man, that’s edgy. I hope Trump never sees that. That’s the type of thing that could tear the entire administration down.

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