I have seen this many times before, but never this egregiously.

One comment even had an idea of how to enforce this against children.

I have seen a number of times before, Democrats responding to abortion restrictions with bills mandating vasectomy.

If women can’t have abortions on demand without restrictions or apologies, men must be sterilized.

This is the first time I’ve seen it directed at children.

This bill mandates sterilization at puberty, so that’s what, 12 to 14 years old?

I’ve said this before and I will say this again:

I know my Jewish history.  I know how the Nazis tried to exterminate my people before the Holocaust.

Remember that was the final solution.  There were previous solutions.  One was to sterilize all the Jews and just let us die of natural causes without reproducing.  The Nazis got impatient and moved on to death camps.

In the mid 1930s, thousands of Jews were forcibly sterilized, including Jewish children.

Threatening children with forcible sterilization cranks my dial up to “loading mags and putting kit together” 11.

This is not a joke.

This is not a political stunt.

This the reason our Founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution.

In case the government demands you and your children are sterilized, break glass and start stacking.

And I guarantee you that you will see more of these bills over the course of the following weeks.

It really reveals the character of the Left.

Biden announced that he was going to mandate that insurance companies pay for “gender affirming surgery” and would have the DOJ fight states that blocked it.

Now this.

The Left in America is really embracing their inner Dr. Mengele in all out support to mutilate children’s sexual organs for political purposes.

Any politician that advances a bill to sexually mutilate children deserves more than to lose an election. They deserve to be tried and hanged for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg.


The legislator says it was a “tongue in cheek” joke.

Nope.  Not funny if it was, but I doubt it was.

I don’t think he realized just how many responses he’d get that told him he met his huckleberry that would put him in a hole.

And it doesn’t matter anyway, because how many radical Leftists supported his “joke” as genuine.

“It was only a joke” is the last refuge of a coward whose mouth wrote a check in the heat of the moment that he realized later that his body couldn’t cash.



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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “This response to Dobbs is why I own guns – Update”
    1. I remember this game from when I was in school. Bully makes threat. I tell teacher. Teacher checks. Bully says “it was only a joke.” Teacher tells me to learn when things are just a joke. Bully makes threat. I don’t report it. Bully does what bullies do. Teacher no where to be found.

      Bully makes threat. I beat the shit out of him and get suspended for 3 days.

      It is only a joke if there is push back. If there is no joke they will do it. Once the law no longer protects the people must defend themselves.

      1. @Therefore: I had a grade school principal who fell back on “it takes 2 to fight”. He couldn’t acknowledge that it only takes 1 person to beat on another person. Sigh.

  1. People have introduced bills to sterilize hookers IF they are going to continue thier “professional lives”
    The left went apeshiite… go figure

  2. There’s also some history of forced sterilization right here in the U. S. of A.
    Eugenics was very much in fashion among the world’s Progressives at one time, and, while it’s officially out of fashion nowadays, it somehow keeps rearing its ugly head.
    I continue to recommend Chesterton’s Eugenics and Other Evils for insights into the matter, and into several other topics.

    1. Yes and Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a leading proponent of eugenics. She wanted to eliminate Blacks, Italians, feeble minded, those with birth defects, among other undesirables. She took her crusade to Europe, and the NAZI’s took her philosophy to heart and added Jews among others to the mix.

      1. I note that Catholics have long been on the “genetically inferior” list, which would seem to reflect rather a curious understanding of genetics.
        And now? Rage against the Papist Court! Including Gorsuch, who’s genetically Catholic or something.

  3. I’m all for sterilization of males and females after the first child, if the parents, either/both, are on public assistance or shown to not care for the kids. Studmuffin gets a multitude of females pregnant? Cut his nuts off and spay the females. Can’t care for the kids without public assistance? Take the kids and adopt them to adults, not breeders.

  4. They have been deceitful before… remember when they said abortion would be rare?! It was until it wasn’t. Remember when abortion was only preformed in the early stage of a pregnancy which evolved into late term with proponents arguing for moment of birth and post birth abortions?! Politicians are notorious for these slippery slope, camel’s nose under the tent flap types of moments. Add that to the immorality and illegality of forced medical procedures and you have a formula for rights violations of an unprecedented level.

  5. It was a “joke” because of the backlash. Make no mistake they want this. They would love to forcibly sterilize the entire population of the United States not them. There is a reason they want us disarmed: they want to exterminate us. To think otherwise is to ignore the oppositions own words, desires and actions. I take everything they want literally. They want to ban all guns and kill every single gun owner in the country? I take that literally. They want to use nukes? I take that literally. The want to mandate sterilization of men? I take that literally. From what they say and do I have no choice. These people are so full of visceral hatred combined with there emotional incontinence I cannot believe these people don’t want this.

  6. “It really reveals the character of the Left.”
    Yes, but not in the way you implied (in my humble opinion.) One of the traits of leftists and children (sorry to repeat myself) is they do not understand that shocking is not the same as clever. It is why “cocks not glocks” was popular for a bit, why women dressed up like characters from the Handmaid’s Tale are at protests, etc…
    They actually think they are making a point by being shocking.

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