From The Daily Mail:

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi, 21, says she is now homeless and starving after being suspended from college over anti-Israel protests at Columbia University which saw her zip-tied for seven hours

Isra Hirsi, the daughter of left-wing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, says she’s has nowhere to live or eat after being suspended for participating in anti-Israel protests at Columbia University.

She and two of her Barnard College classmates – the college is a sister school with Columbia – are among the more than 100 protestors have been arrested, an NYPD spokesperson confirmed to

‘I don’t know when I can go home, and I don’t know if I ever will be able to.’

She said the administration at Barnard College has hung her out to dry when it comes to being able to get food.

‘I sent them an email like, “Hey, I rely on campus for my meals, I rely on my dining plan,” and they were like, Oh, you can come pick up a prepackaged bag of food, a full 48 hours after I was suspended,’ she said.

‘There was no food support, no nothing.’

That’s bullshit.

She’s the daughter of a United States Congresswoman who funneled nearly $3 million to her husband’s firm from her reelection campaign.

I doubt she’s starving. If she is, it’s just for show.

I’m not going to show any empathy for the Jew-hating daughter of a Jew-hating Congresswoman who pocketed millions in campaign funds.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “This seems like BS”
  1. Actions have consequences. I guess if I were dependent on a college for my room and board, I’d be very careful to abide by their code of conduct such that I didn’t get cut off from that support.

  2. its called a DISTRACTION…. and trying hard for sympathy, which is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire….

  3. She can just go mooch some more on her rich mother. And yes, actions should have consequences. But in this case they don’t, because everything in that story is undoubtedly a lie.

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