A buddy of mine alerted me to this.

From NBC KSDK5 in St. Louis:

‘I’ve been failed by the system’ | Teen walks free after neighbor says he broke her nose, left her in bruises

Alicia Clarke said exactly a week ago she went for a quick run outside her south city home. When she came back, she noticed her shoes had been moved to a different spot and her cell phone was gone. 

From there, she used Find My iPhone to search for it. The location said it was on her property grid. She used her work phone to call it.

“I open my back door to call it and I hear it in my neighbor’s backyard behind me,” Clarke said.

Another neighbor yelled out to her and said, “Hey, I told him, ‘I know you did this and I’m calling the police!'”

Clarke said that’s when the 6-foot teen jumped the fence and tackled her.

“I am on the phone with St. Louis police dispatch, making my way to my backdoor, when he comes back with a weapon. He is on top of me. There was blood everywhere. I was literally fighting for my life at that point,” she told 5 On Your Side.

Clarke said as he was on her back, he stabbed her in the head and face with a metal rod.

This is the aftermath:

She’s lucky that she didn’t suffer a skull fracture when she was hit in the head with a metal object.

Again, she’s very lucky, she could have lost an eye.

The teenager that attacked her reportedly has an IQ of 49.  The charges were dropped and he was released on the grounds that he was incompetent to stand trial.

This is not supposed to be a “get out of jail free” card.  There is supposed to be a system in place that prevents this from happening again with social workers and alike.  That system isn’t working and this teenager is causing all sorts of problems.

Another neighbor who didn’t want to go on camera said the teen has also broken into her home and believes he needs to be held accountable.

Clarke said the teen has broken into her car three times, but this has been the worst of it.

The sister of the victim made a lengthy Facebook post about the incident.

This is my sister. On Monday night she was attacked by her 15 year old neighbor. He stabbed her in the head and face with a screw driver. She fought him off and was able to escape to a neighbors house to call the police. The boy was taken into police custody and brought to juvenile detention center. No clear motive was ever established.

Alicia has a broken nose, staples in her head and stitches to the puncture wound under her eye.

Hassan is a 15 year old refugee from Somalia who lives with his family. He is 6’ and approx 175lbs, much larger than my sister. He has broken into Alicia’s car 3 different times and broken into another neighbors house. The police were involved every single time and reported that nothing could be done since he was a minor. Surely this time would be different, though.

This morning we went to the juvenile courts building for the deposition hearing where we would find out if he would be held in custody while he awaits his court date, or if he would be allowed to return home. It had been explained to alicia by the victims advocate that the 3 charges he was facing each independently carry a strong recommendation of remaining detained; all three compiled was almost a sure thing. We arrived feeling very hopeful.

On arrival, we learned from that same patient advocate that Hassan’s IQ is 49. This makes him incompetent to aid in his own defense, therefore all charges were formally dismissed by the prosecutor, Sakina Ahmad. We never entered a courtroom, saw a judge, nothing. Hassan was able to go home with a family member. He likely left the building as a free person before we even learned all the above information.

The prosecutor sympathized with our frustration and explained that because he is a mentally handicapped, juvenile refugee, every safeguard available is to his benefit and to Alicia’s detriment. She went on to tell us, VERBATIM, that even if alicia had been KILLED, the outcome would be the same and that this case would be dismissed. Now, Go ahead and read that last sentence again.


She said the best option for Alicia’s safety is to get a restraining order. Luckily for us, alicia initiated that process the day after the attack. When asked what would happen if he violates the protection order, she explained the following scenario:

1. Call the police
2. He will be taken into custody
3. He will be released promptly and the cycle will perpetuate

Thank God Alicia has a solid support system so she isn’t forced to live next door to her attacker and wait for the next assault.

Don’t worry, we’re not done.

It was also reported on Facebook that the victim has both gotten a dog for protection and is applying for her concealed carry permit.

This is where everything turns to shit.

Missouri is a Stand Your Ground state.  The victim has a restraining order against her attacker.

That is the good news for her.

The person she is primarily wanting to defend herself against is a 15-year-old, mentally handicap, black, Muslim, immigrant child, who has already been established by the courts to be incompetent in his own defense.

That’s the bad news for her.

You can hear the lamentations already: “why did she have to shoot him, he didn’t know what he was doing?”

I can just about guarantee that a prosecutor will try to use some version of this argument to try to step around SYG and possibly try to push “revenge” as a motive for the shooting.

Even if this woman isn’t convicted in court, given the intersectional lottery winner status of her attacker, she will be destroyed in the pop culture.

The state needs to take this seriously before this situation ends up going to hell in a freight elevator.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “This situation in St Louis is going to end badly”
  1. If she lives in St. Louis MO she doesn’t need a carry permit. If she lives on the IL side she’s screwed. Hopefully someone gives that animal a taxpayer relief shot soon before he kills someone.

  2. Let me guess… he was born on the First of January?
    We have quite a few of these “refugees” around here. 6 foot tall, build like linebakers, more beard than I have but they are, of course, only 15 years old. And heavily traumatized. That’s why they carry blank firing guns and knifes and beat other people up who did *nothing* to them.

    If you don’t cooperate with their demands, you are a “nazi!” – they can’t or won’t speak german but this word they know.

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