I’m a white guy without any significant disabilities and an above average IQ, raised by two middle-class college educated parents.

That will forever be hung around my neck like a millstone and used to punish me by Woke activists.

When I complain that I was turned down for every job and first to be fired if I am hired because of my “privileges” and “advantages,” they will ridicule me and tell me to shut up because I have privileges” and “advantages.”

The hard work that my parents and ancestors put in to give their children every opportunity will be weaponized against me.

So why should I want to continue to participate in their society, where I know I will never get a fair shake?

If you want to know where the rise in middle-class white supremacism and the alt-right is coming from, it’s white guys who answer that question with “I shouldn’t.”

Bigotry begets bigotry.  The Woke Left is the greatest recruiting tool white supremacism ever had.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “This Tweet explains so much about the divide in this country”
  1. I am having a tough time with the privilege thing.
    Exactly how many privileges is one supposed to have? If I have three, and you have five is that a problem?
    And, what exactly is a privilege? Is it just an excuse to discriminate against a stereotype in order to make yourself feel better and get social media likes? There are plenty of people who were born to rich parents, and were provided nothing but the best in life, and they are complete and total losers. (There is a guy named Hunter that exemplifies that example). Then again, maybe that example is valid. Clearly there is some privilege in play there.
    Frankly, when I hear privilege it sounds like systemic racism to me. And, systemic racism was created because there was just not enough actual racism to justify putting the thumb on whitey anymore.

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