Did I read that correctly?

Hello all,

My name is Justin Saline, I am from Saint Marys, PA
I go by “Swizzy” in the Madden Community, or others would know me as “NewAgeMadden” on Twitch.
I’ve been a part of the Madden Community for over 10 years.

On August 26th at a Madden Qualifier in Jacksonville, FL. The madden community lost a few soldiers. Trueboy (Eli Clayton) & Spotmeplzzz(Taylor Robertson).
As a community we always come together to try and set their families as straight as possible.
My relationship to these players was friends. These are people that we all as a madden community, first meet online, & eventually meet and hang out iin person.

All donations and proceeds will go towards the families of the 2 lost, split 50/50 down the middle.

RIP Trueboy & Spotmeplzzz

Yes I did.

On August 26th at a Madden Qualifier in Jacksonville, FL. The madden community lost a few soldiers.”

Not “players,” not “gamers,” but “Soldiers.”  He’s asking for $100,000.

Yeah… no.  I’m empathetic but that’s a seriously obnoxious way of phrasing that.

Cameron Kasky Tweeted it and David Hogg Retweeted it.

I get that bad things happen but getting rich of getting shot just seems crass.

It never occurred to me to set up a gofundme when my dad died of cancer.

Maybe one of the things that we need to do is not just stop giving shooters renegotiation but stop turning victims and their families into charity grifters.

Between the media, and the victims and their foundations, the reaction to mass shootings has become a multi million dollar industry.  No wonder we keep getting more of them.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “This victim thing is going off the rails”
  1. “Soldiers”

    Okay, I get lots of our servicemen and women are gamers. But if Im going to apply that to a person killed who was a part of the community, it’d be Sean “Vile Rat” Smith, who was one of the folks killed in Benghazi. He served in the USAF and was pretty well known in the community, leading to lots of player tributes in EVE Online after it was confirmed he was one of those killed in Libya.

    But calling a bunch of virtual sportsball competitors as “soldiers” is a lil over the tip. “Gamers” wasn’t good enough? Or were they actually soldiers who had a weekend off playing at a tournament?

    Edit: Had the tournament been you know, Call of Duty or Battlefield, I’d at least understand. But it was Madden, the football game.

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