By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “This was a feature not a bug – Update”
  1. You are, I trust, aware that Real Raw News is a satire website, right? The story you quoted (as well as other stories they publish) isn’t real and was made up out of whole cloth.

    1. Please explain the difference between real raw news making things up and the mainstream fake news doing the exact same thing. I’d appreciate your explanation, thank you.

  2. Good satire is difficult to distinguish from reality. It seems like today’s satire is tomorrow’s headline. It’s an easy mistake to make.

  3. And yet you still demonstrate more integrity than most “news” sources by admitting the mistake out in the daylight for everyone to see instead of in a retraction buried between ads at the bottom of the original article.

  4. You mind putting a snippet of the original back up so others can see what the original falsehood was? Because I did fall for the original story several days ago.

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