I posted this video before but I’m going to post it again because I was inspired to by one of Miguel’s and AWA’s posts.


This woman is proud of the fact that she and several of her friends got a conservative mom group’s reservations at a local brew pub canceled because she didn’t like their politics and Facebook posts.

I can guarantee that this woman would red flag any and every gun owner she could with the same alacrity.

You absolutely know that she would rush to TikTok bragging about how she got some nasty MAGA’s guns taken away for posting dank memes.

AWA is right, there is a good chance that SCOTUS may make another groundbreaking pro-gun ruling.

They might try taxes, they might try insurance, they might try any number of things to make buying guns more expensive, but they’ve been threatened us with that for years and have never pulled it off at the federal level.

No, it will be red flag laws that do us in.

In exactly the same way that the Left used Antifa as extra-judicial enforcers in 2020, Leftist suburban white women (AWFLs or Affluent White Female Liberals) will be their enforcers.

Speak up against a drag show at your kid’s school, get red flagged.

Put up a Biden “I did that” sticker, get red flagged.

Post a Trump “Miss me yet” meme, get red flagged.

The abuse of the red flag system to have cops disarm and possibly kill conservatives is not a bug, it’s a feature, and a feature that I fully believe that the Left wants to make us cower.

“Silence MAGAT, or some middle age white wine mom with too much time on her hands will rat you out to the police who will take your guns and shoot your dogs.”

That’s the point.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “This woman will red flag you”
  1. Tactics learned from antifa, blm, and the subversive-depraved-radical-leftist-global-socialist-woketards of the left.
    Be Prepared For Anything

  2. And Miss RedFlag is now on the short list to kick her oxygen addiction this year.
    Watch and see.
    It’ll never be as funny with a mouthful of blood and teeth as it was when she was bragging on social media, and the odds that someone obliges her wish is about 100:1 for, at this point.
    Nature abhors a vacuum.

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