I keep saying that it is time to legalize the use of force to protect property.

These people do this knowing that if they do get caught, the political powers that be won’t punish them.

But fundamentally this is terrorism.  “Drive a car we don’t like and we’ll continue to attack it, costing you time and money, until you get a car we approve of.”

We should not negotiate with terrorists.

If someone is fuckinh with your car, either to steal your catalytic converter or because they don’t like your MPGs, you should have every right to stomp the shit out of them.

That’s your car, you work to earn the money to buy it, they don’t have the right to damage your property for any reason.

If law enforcement can’t stop this, you should have ever right to do so.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “This won’t stop until somebody stops it”
  1. They will do it until one or more of them get capped.. lucky some of us live in areas that are still somewhat free.. these people do this stuff in areas where people cant fight back. Hook your rims up to 110vac power heh heh.
    This is a good example of the difference between us and them- We dont give a crap what they drive, they dont like it so they should have the right to prevent others from driving something they don’t like.. sick twisted people. Oh and thanks for letting me know you will be back- easier to set up an ambush with water sprinklers and pepper spray, and some tar and feathers….

  2. Children, errr…. I mean leftists have nothing except terrorism to offer. If they do not get what they want, they will throw a tantrum. If that does not get them what they want, they will move on to destroying things.
    One does not negotiate with a five year old. You spank them, or provide some other punishment, until they reform their ways.

  3. So Sorry. We have bears around here and I thought I heard a bear out by our chickens. 45-70 is a good round for bear, maybe overkill for a man child.

  4. I’m too old to fight them off, too tired to argue about it, won’t run from my stuff, I will pop them in the head if I catch them. No questions, just stop the idiots, the world is over supplied with idiots and they won’t be missed.

  5. A few years ago the scam here was the cute girl comes to your door saying she went off the road or broke down- when you went out to help the boyfriend would jump out and rob you UNTIL a couple idiots got shot tryin it… all of a sudden that crap stopped.. you get north of southern Maine its REAL America.. lotsa guns and Freedom… AND we have Constitutional carry

  6. So now I have this image of a monster truck with the word “BAIT” emblazoned on both sides, in a neon green ’70’s rock album font….
    Somehow, I suspect these folks would miss the message.

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