This motherfucker.

So if a child does all the work, gets the correct answers, and chooses not to mask in school districts where it’s optional, the teacher can retaliate by lowering the child’s grade and scuttling their future.

Except if you’re a radical Leftist where you believe right answers and doing the work are racist and white supremacist culture then the only thing that should be rewarded is obedience to government mandates.

Do these people wake up everyday and ask what they can do to make parents want to choose violence?

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Those who do not obey do not get good grades”
  1. Dickface there should reflect on the fact that every car trunk has a tire iron, and it’s hard for teachers to pass out “F”s with both hands in casts from the fingers up to the shoulders.

    It won’t matter about working a fork and knife though, because they’ll be taking all meals through a straw anyways until the jaw wires come out.

    Just saying.

    1. Just so you know … At least some models of cars, since at least 2018, have no spare tire and accoutrements like jacks and tire iron. Some no longer even have trunk space for said spare.

  2. His closing comment is right on the mark. Homeschool, shut the public schools, and demolish the buildings. Optionally, in memory of L. Neil Smith, salt the grounds.

    1. Sorry, pkoning, didn’t mean to give you s thumbs down because you are right on. Our educational system is a joke anyway. These idiots are compounding it.

  3. Looking: yep.

    Thought experiment: how many homeschool parents will vote in favor of the latest school millage?

    And, everybody said our side would/could never agree about anything with Team Fascist!

  4. I never understood the impulse of teachers to talk of treating children differently just because they don’t like the parents. As if the parents don’t know where and when they work. Do they ever stop and think those parents might take offense and retaliate beyond a school board meeting tirade. That union they love so much will not protect your ass from a beatdown in the parking lot.

    Just because it’s the wrong thing to do doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

    1. Jim, people who act like that are not teachers, no matter what it may say next to their name on the org chart. The correct description is “child abusers” and the correct way of dealing with them is the same way as any other child abuser is dealt with.

  5. Isn’t “family” the most common answer to the question “What would you kill for?”??? And as far as family, is there any member higher priority than kids??? Not condoning violence (that’s for you, DHS) but rather a warning like ‘don’t touch the hot stove or you will get burned’.

  6. Just your daily reminder that ‘public school employee’ and ‘grotesque sack of child-abusing subhuman filth’ are perfect synonyms.

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