Under no circumstances should teachers be having discussions of gender and genitals around preschoolers.

Under no circumstances should preschoolers be changing their gender daily (“today I’m a girl).

Absolutely under no circumstances should a preschooler have a knowledge of their teacher’s gender nonconformance (“their enby,” a neologism for NB = “non-binary”).

This isn’t preschool education, this is perversion.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Three for the chipper”
    1. Hmm…. This crap … Nurses and doctors dancing while people can’t visit their dying family members … Teachers bragging about teaching CRT, parents be damned …

      Yup. I’m good with this plan.

  1. Libs of Tik Tok
    Update: I had someone call and before he even finished his sentence, the woman who answered said “she doesn’t work here anymore and she never taught that curriculum”. She was unaware of when this teacher stopped working there.
    I take it they got many calls today (Jolie here, maybe the freak is a troll?)

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