I saw this on Twitchy:

Louis Farrakhan was at Aretha Franklin’s funeral celebration.

MSNBC cropped him out.

Here is what I noticed about that little memory holing.

Not that they cropped out Farrakhan, that they left Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Bill Clinton in.

Al Sharpton incited the only two anti-Jewish pogroms in America, the Crown Heights Riots and the massacre at Freddy’s Fashion Mart.

Jesse Jackson infamously called New York City hymietown, and apologized for it.  But  since then, has has always managed to find himself in the company of and tied to black anti-Semites.  It’s said, you can judge a man by the company he keeps.

Then there is the fact that Jesse Jackson was deeply involved in his son’s corrupt Congressional campaign.

Both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are notorious shakedown artists that make the mob look tame.  The mob only threatens to hurt you.  Sharpton and Jackson will destroy you on national TV.

Lastly we get to Bill Clinton who has been accused of multiple violent rapes and countless more harassment complaints.  In the post #MeToo movement, that should make him a pariah who’s only appropriate course of action is to hide under a rock and quietly spend the millions of dollars he’s amassed since leaving office by selling influence and in speaking fees.

But Sharpton, Jackson, and Clinton are still in the picture.

It’s a funny thing where the media draws the line between unacceptable and acceptable  levels of bigotry and violence towards women.

I guess if Farrakhan did more to campaign for Democrats, he’s still be in the picture.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Three jew haters and a rapist walk into a stadium…”
    1. I had no idea who Ariana Grande is, and looked her up on Google. First thought, “she looks like she’s maybe 14”.

      No surprise at Clinton’s reaction.

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