It took three weeks for the mask to completely fall off.

These campus protests started with Palestinian rights and are not openly calling for the extermination of Jews in Israel and everywhere else.

Where will we be in three more weeks?

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Three weeks”
  1. My take is this will only escalate due to the justified retaliation of Israel against an Islamic sect which no Islamic nation wants to embrace openly, with the exception of Iran–whom the Obama-Biden administration quietly backs practicing taqiyya while openly voicing support of Israel, which is the proof of taqiyya. There are Iranian Sunni’s serving in high positions within the current administration, of which Hamas is partnered with, and they will not let this diminish because they created it. The upcoming escalation will serve the ultimate purpose, which is to divide and conquer the USA (weaken sufficiently) in preparation of the mother of all wars.

    1. ” There are Iranian Sunni’s serving in high positions within the current administration…”
      Not just Iranian Sunnis, there were (are) active Iranian intelligence operatives. Some of whom were given a TS/SCI clearance and had access to DOD TS/SCI information as part of their position.
      But what else would you expect from an administration that’s lead from the shadows by Valerie Jarrett.

      1. ragnar_d, you’re exactly right about this Obama-Biden administration being led by Jarrett. The fact that no one’s said anything about her, and that she’s not come into the light, as she used to do before Obama’s stealth third term started, only means she’s directing everything, the Defacto US President, using Obama and Biden as distractions.
        I believe if we could know what was actually happening behind the Leftist Curtain, we’d already be in a civil war.

    2. “…which no Islamic nation wants to embrace openly” — that depends on your definition. From available evidence, no Islamic authority anywhere has disavowed, let along denounced, Hamas. So in my book that means they ARE embracing Hamas, as the images J.Kb posted confirm.

      1. Embracing and disavow or denounce are not synonymous. Take for instance Jordan’s King rejecting the Palestinian refugees, saying to embrace them would be crossing a red line. All the other Arab nations also have made similar statements.
        Now, I understand you point, all Arab nations use the Palestinians as we use rabid dogs to attack intruders, so in that sense, yes, they embrace Hamas, but there is no way Hamas or the Palestinians are welcomed in the other Arab states.

        1. Right, embrace in the sense of “welcome into the presence” is not what Arabs do. Al-Sisi let slip the reason why in a conversation with PM Sunak: “it would mean the end of the Palestinian cause”. In other words, the desire to keep going with their war depends on them being locked up in a jail guarded by Egyptian jailers.

  2. I went to a big “hippy fair” here a few years ago and there was a booth “veterans for palistien”( spelled wrong, I don’t care). I couldn’t even talk to them.. stupid is deep and getting deeper.

  3. I’m so glad that I don’t live in an urban area. I feel much less likely to accidentally walk or drive into a mostly peaceful mob.

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