Farb Middle School teacher Ned Walker, 41, was arrested Monday in the school’s parking lot for having a .380 loaded semi-automatic handgun with a 7-round magazine as well as a 2.5 inch locking blade knife in his car.

via Tierrasanta Teacher Arrested for Gun on Campus: Police | NBC 7 San Diego.

There is no doubt that he broke the law and will have to pay the Piper, but the law has to change and allow teachers to carry.

San Diego Unified School District has a zero tolerance policy involving weapons, controlled substances or violence.
“With the exception of police, no one should be carrying a gun on school grounds,” (San Diego Unified District Chief of Police Rueben) Littlejohn said.

Quick reminder: If something had happened at school, Police response would have been a tad slow in that area  on account of every cop in Southern California being on the look out for Cop Killer Christopher Dorner.

When SHTF in front of you, you are the First Responder. That a misguided law should make it illegal for you to take necessary action will always be asinine.

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