I, on the other hand, am totally fine with banning TikTok.

I understand the free speech argument against it, and that why I’m in favor of the ban.

TikTok is not a free marketplace of ideas.

We know that the Chinese government curates the feed. They do it in China and they do it here.

It’s deliberate to manipulate people.

TikTok promoted the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel users and limited pro-Israel users.

China is invested in building a relationship with Iran.

We know pro-transgender children users are promoted in the US and banned in China.

China uses TikTok as a weapon against the US by manipulating what we see.

We should absolutely ban TikTok to reduce China’s influence on American pop culture.

And if that sets precedent in the US, wherein any social media that is manipulates instead of being a free marketplace of ideas is squashed, I’m for it.

The ChiComs and billionaire tech-bros shouldn’t have the power to cureate what we see to manipulate us.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “TikTok turmoil (the J.Kb response)”
  1. easy way to avoid the chicoms and shiiteheads “manipulating “ us- don’t use any of thier social media.. I AM on fb and have been weeding it of bs and things and “friends” that just don’t factor in my life. ignorance IS bliss in some ways. inane “trending” crap I don’t need to be exposed to…

  2. It’s really obvious that TikTok serves the CCP goal of destroying the USA, by severely damaging its youth. That, to me, is more important than the national security argument. It feels pretty accurate to call TikTok a “Cyber Fentanyl”, both from the harm it does and from the way the CCP pushes it in America.

  3. The laws created to address Tik Tok will of course be used….by both sides of the aisle…to further their attacks on the First Amendment.

  4. There will be two sides to every story ,especially this one, but the ANSWER to this Tic Tok story , is get RID of it!

  5. “And if that sets precedent in the US, wherein any social media that is manipulates instead of being a free marketplace of ideas is squashed, I’m for it.”
    Start with anything associated with META and Google.

  6. Terrorists use AKs and ARs so we should ban them… idiots use tiktok so we should ban it…
    The main problem with tiktok is that the swamp can’t filter what people see and in an election year that is not acceptable. It’s just a coincidence that ownership is to be changed by August? Also the wording is so loose that anything the president declares as an enemy qualifes. Yes, this president!
    Do you really think they care about our children’s health while you have pedophilia on instagram and porn everywhere? If so, i’ve got a booster for you…

  7. No place on the normal internet is totally free speech anymore.
    That said, the idea of banning something I don’t like. But if we just said all Chinese interests and operation in USA must be at least 51% owned domestically like China does with any foreign corp, yea im all for that.

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