From the NY Post:

Murders in Staten Island soar 129% so far in 2023: ‘Wholly unacceptable’

Murders in the “forgotten” borough have surged 129% so far this year over last year, to 16 from seven.

Major crimes are up in every category and 17% overall, according to NYPD data through Sept. 10.

“This year’s increase in crime on Staten Island is wholly unacceptable,” District Attorney Michael McMahon told The Post, noting his office “has work to do” because of “misguided and harmful policies visited upon us by outside forces.”

Some of the murders and robberies are fueled by street gangs, mostly on the North Shore, said one recently retired veteran detective.

“These guys are just out there trying to make a name for themselves,” the detective said, adding, “They walk around with guns and there’s no stop and frisk anymore.”

Maybe letting New Yorkers defend themselves would change this.

Bruen was delivered to make that possible and New York responded with a legislative hissy fit that was even more restrictive than the pre-Bruen regulations.

And all they have to show for it is more violence and murder.

The Supreme Court should come back and smack these Blue state laws that try and do a end run around Bruen down so the good people of New York can actually defend themselves.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Time to enforce Bruen in Staten Island”
  1. “These guys are just out there trying to make a name for themselves,” the detective said, adding, “They walk around with guns and there’s no stop and frisk anymore. [bold emphasis mine]

    He says that like it’s a bad thing. Does he remember why New York’s “Stop and Frisk” policy was disbanded?

    Because on its face, it violates the 4th Amendment. And because in practice, it was disproportionately applied to a certain demographic … and not upper-class white women.

    And on top of all that, police hardly ever found any of the “illegal guns” the policy was intended to help them find (even on the rare occasion they did, 4th Amendment violation, the case got tossed out). Crime rates, including murder, were unaffected.

    “Stop and Frisk” ended because it was racist as applied, it didn’t produce any measureable positive results, and it opened the NYPD to civil lawsuits.

    But if known gang-bangers in Staten Island are walking around flashing guns like he says, the police can stop and arrest them for unlawful use of a weapon and/or brandishing. No “Stop and Frisk” needed.

    Oh, but that could be dangerous, so it’ll never happen. Instead, the NYPD will gripe about the unconstitutionally-broad power they lost because they misused it.

  2. Alot of times nyc pd were arresting normal working citizens because they were caught with one of those highly dangerous pocket knives… here again liberals policymakers made everything worse… nyc has always been a shiite hole. Now its just bigger and deeper…

  3. Isn’t Staten Island the only part of NYC that routinely votes R? I wonder if that might have something to do with the lack of enforcement.

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