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Everytown Trayvon Anniversary

Trayvon died because he chose to pick a fight with somebody carrying a gun. He chose poorly and suffered the consequences. And, by the way, Self Defense in Florida is not only circumscribed to Stand Your ground: Once your head is being bashed against the pavement, you are not longer “standing” but fighting for your life.

And we know that at the end of today, Bloomberg and Shannon will put the body back in their file cabinet of faux outrages and Narratives, throw some moth balls on top of it and wait till next year.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Time to parade Trayvon Martin’s body once again.”
  1. It’s really kind of sad that the only examples they ever use are criminals. Usually killed during the commission of a crime.

    St. Treyvon, shot in self defense while trying to beat a mans brains out.

    Prince Micheal, shot while trying to disarm a cop.

    Sub prince Eric*, Died after being taken to the ground. A low level criminal that died of a heart attack.

    *He didn’t actually die while committing a crime, he died in a ambulance of a heart attack. But they will parade his body anyway.

    If you recall, when Bloomie’s bus was making the rounds they were reading the names of “victims” of gun violence. Including a bunch of thugs that were killed in the commission of their crimes. There was a big stink because they included the name of one of the Boston bombers. The one I call speedbump.

  2. Please note that the case you discuss was not a “stand your ground” issue, and that there is no such language as “stand your ground” in any Florida statute. That phrase, like the term “assault rifle”, was invented by the media. See for details, and all Florida gun owners should buy the book. Get the 8th edition. It was written by Jon Gutmacher, a criminal defense atorney in Orlando.

  3. “Trayvon died because of this country’s shoot-first culture….”

    Was that why GZ opted to cry “Help!” while getting his head bashed for two full minutes before shooting the Child Angel? Or why GZ didn’t even reach for his gun until Child Angel saw it and tried to grab it first? Or why, when the gun finally played its part, GZ fired only once?


    If this country has a “shoot-first culture”, it’s not on the part of lawful gun owners, and GZ should be thanking his lucky stars that St. Trayvon didn’t have a gun at the outset of this encounter, or it may have ended very differently, two minutes earlier.

  4. Too bad that each and every dumb SOB who whines about this “choir boy” could not spend those fateful two minutes under him getting some reality and common sense pounded into their feeble brains.

  5. SYG (although not a factor in the TM/GZ incident) is only applicable to cases of actual self-defense and cannot be invoked to protect someone who was actually committing a murder. So although it’s strictly untrue that TM died because of SYG, the fools who invoke it as a factor contributing to his death are unwittingly admitting that GZ was acting in legitimate self-defense.

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