Hamas is launching huge numbers of rockets to try and overwhelm Israel’s Iron Dome.

All of these rockets are targeted at civilians.

It is long past time for Gaza to be turned into a radioactive wasteland, and Tehran right behind it.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Time to send in Teller and Ulam”
  1. Don’t worry!

    I am sure the Biden Administration is calling for restraint by the Israelis and threatening dire consequences if they attack Hamas.

    These deescalation tactics worked so well in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta and NYC last Summer. Why shouldn’t de-escalation work in the Mid East too?

  2. I wonder who could have possibly given those terrorist Hamas pigs the funds to get all those missiles? Pallets of ca$h (previous and coming soon) perchance?

    Nah. The DemonKKKrats couldn’t be that traitorous, right? /sarc

  3. The lefty’s and Useful Idiots are all doing the usual “Isreal is a big meanie” shtick all over youtube and all the social media wasteland. They keep regurgitating the line about how the rockets “only” killed 2 Israeli citizens and the retaliatory strikes hurt Palestinians. Of course there’s never any mention of the fact that Hamas intentionally positions their rocket batteries in the middle of the civilian population for the express purpose of creating this propaganda.

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