To hell with the ADL and their biased bulls**t report

The Anti-Defamation League released their annual report on extremist murder and violent crime for 2018.

Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2018

Boy howdy, what a partisan piece of bullshit hackery that is.

Each year, ADL’s Center on Extremism (COE) tracks murders perpetrated by all types of extremists.  The 2018 Murder & Extremism report provides key insights into the crimes, including motivations behind these violent attacks.

2018 was a particularly active year for right-wing extremist murders: Every single extremist killing — from Pittsburgh to Parkland — had a link to right-wing extremism. 

What?  The Pittsburgh Tree of Life shooting I get, but Parkland?  We have covered Parkland a lot on this blog and how the hell was that right wing?

In terms of lethal violence, 2018 was dominated by right-wing extremism. Every one of the 50 murders documented by the COE was committed by a person or persons with ties to right-wing extremism, although in one incident the perpetrator had switched from white supremacist to radical Islamist beliefs prior to committing the murder.

In fact, 2018 saw the highest percentage (98%) of right-wing extremist-related killings since 2012, the last year when all documented killings were by right-wing extremists. Right-wing extremists also killed more people in 2018 than in any year since 1995. For comparison, only 62% of extremist killings in 2017 were committed by right-wing extremists, and only 21% in 2016.

This seems a lot like the talking point used by the Left to cover for radical Islamic violence.  You know the one that start with “since 9/11…”  Of course they have to start counting after 9/11 because including those 3,000 dead Americans skews the numbers in a direction they don’t like.

We have covered on this blog the incredible amount of violence seen at the hands of Antifa and other radical Leftist groups.  These black masked radicals have beaten people up, stopped traffic, assaulted elderly individuals, etc.

But by focusing only on fatalities, the ADL can skew their data.  All the people kicked and beaten with bike locks and clubs survived, so they are going to ignore the roving bands of modern day Brown Shirts associated with the Democrat party.

Furthermore, the ADL does a really terrible job of even defining Right Wing.

Beierle appears to have identified with the so-called “incels,” or involuntary celibates, a movement that consists primarily of men who externalize their rage and unhappiness over their inability to form meaningful relationships with women. Incels are part of a larger universe of mostly online right-wing misogyny, sometimes called the “manosphere,” which includes sub-categories such as “men going their own way” and “pickup artists.”

According to the ADL, incels are Right Wing.  So is white supremacism and neo-Nazism.

This aligns white supremacists and Neo-Nazis with Republicans, and by extension conservatism, in peoples’ minds.  If the GOP is on the Right than Nazis are the Far Right.  Except there is no ideological connection between Nazi principles and traditional conservative principles.

This a very different from the Left, where the principles of Antifa are the militant version of the Principles of Democrats.

Considerable information emerged about Cruz after the shootings, shedding light on his behavioral problems and his fascination with violence, but also on his white supremacist leanings. Immediately after the attack, the leader of a tiny Florida-based white supremacist group falsely claimed that Cruz had been a member of his group. The statement was quickly revealed to be a hoax, and the white supremacist was arrested for knowingly making a false statement to law enforcement. 

However, further investigation by journalists and law enforcement revealed that Cruz was, in fact, sympathetic to white supremacist ideology. Cruz belonged to a private Instagram group where he and others posted hundreds of racist comments, memes and videos. Cruz’s classmates and acquaintances reported his bigoted remarks against African-Americans, LGBTQ people and Jews. Cruz allegedly claimed that Jews wanted to destroy the world and said he wished “all the Jews were dead.” Cruz also allegedly said his birth mother was Jewish and he was glad he never met her.

So Cruz made some racist statements.  He was a problem child since elementary school.  His classmates said that he was most likely to become a school shooter.  He left no manifesto or made no statements during the shooting that indicated any political motivation.  He was a nut job through and through.  His connections with online hate groups, which were tenuous at best, were an outlet for his anger and not the center of his ideology.

The evidence is very strong that Cruz was a budding white supremacist—but did his white supremacist beliefs play a role in the attack? The school itself was not a likely white supremacist target, nor did Cruz seem to target his victims by race, religion or ethnicity. Cruz primarily seemed to have a primal interest in causing death and destruction. However, the fact that he went to the trouble of etching swastikas onto his ammunition magazines cannot be discounted as a possible indicator of some degree of ideological motive.

In the end, however, it is not clear to what extent Cruz’s white supremacist beliefs may have played a role in the killings. Because of this uncertainty, Cruz’s killings have been listed here as non-ideological, but like many killings listed this way, the possibility of some degree of ideological influence cannot be ruled out.

So despite admitting the barely tenuous connections with radical ideology and the shooting, the ADL lumps Parkland in with Right Wing violence which makes Republicans some how to blame for his murder streak.

Cruz is listed at the thirst most deadly extremist attack and as Right Wing.

I’m not denying that that their were not hate crimes, but linking any killing in which a person had a flimsy connection to white supremacism to the Right Wing, even if there was no clear political motivation for the killing is partisan horseshit.

All the accusations of dog whistles not withstanding, Racial superiority is not a core Conservative political principle.

This report is more than just biased, it is dangerous because of it’s bias.

By focusing only on extremist murders it conveniently ignores the huge amount of less than lethal, and particularly Antisemitic violence, perpetrated by the Left.

Jewish kids getting harassed and assaulted on college campuses by Leftist SJWs and pro-Palestinian BDS supporters do not make this list.

This gives the Left cover to ignore their own atrocities and point the finger at Republicans.

The Democrats have elected the most number of Antisemites to public office since the dissolution of the Reichstag.  They put a Congresswoman in office and on the Foreign Affairs Committee who said that Israel can’t be an ally or a Democracy if it calls itself a Jewish state, and links it to segregation.

But this report gives her the ability to dunk on the Right imply that the GOP is responsible for Antisemitism.

This is where the ADL stands.

If I get killed in mass shooting by a nut job who once hung out on a 4Chan board that made racist jokes and posted pro-Hitler memes, I am the victim of Right Wing extremism and it’s all Trump’s fault.

If I get my skull cracked open by some pro socialist goon in a black mask or punched by a Liberal in a Keffiyeh yelling “free, free Palestine,” since I survived, that Left Wing extremist attack never happened.  Like a tree that fell in the forest that nobody heard.

The ADL is just another Leftist partisan organization, it is putting lives as risk, and empowering Leftist Antisemites.

And that is a load of bullshit.




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  1. This is nothing new. Another sleight of hand they do is through the definitions. They broad brush anything they like as ‘right wing’ but other violent acts, normally associated w/ the ‘left’ such as ‘animal rights’ and ‘environmental’ extremists get categorized as ‘single issue’ or ‘issue based’ and not included.

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