Several of you were offended at my last post.  You are right, it is not fair to judge all citizens of Europe based on the actions of your governments.

I do stand by my criticism of those governments and the anti-Semites that support them.

France was attacked by ISIS. France is now, quite reasonably, bombing the shit out of ISIS in Syria.  So when Palestinians go on a stabbing or bombing rampage in Israel, perhaps the French government should not be so quick to criticize the Israeli response in the West Bank and accuse Israel of genocide.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “To my European Readers”
  1. I don’t see why you feel you have to apologize for one of the more truthful blog posts I have seen about Europe. They basically perfected warfare and genocide and brought both into the Industrial Age. Though Mao and the Japanese would give them a run for their money in genocide.
    And to complain about America after they have prospered under our protective defensive umbrella since the end of World War 2 is really just too much. They have been able to pay for their social welfare benefits while cutting defense spending and leaving it up to VII Corp and the tactical fighter wing at Ramstein to protect them. I would think that maybe a few thousand deaths from the Native American wars is equivalent to the 7 to 8 million deaths during the holocaust or the 20 million Russians who died during the famine there in the 1920s and 1930s. But I digress.
    So don’t apologize because they are notional democracies who have installed these politicians to carry out their will.

    1. Just like you have your politicians to carry out your will, right?
      I didn’t say anything against the US involvement in the world wars. I was just trying to ilustrate that killing isn’t limited to Europeans. Every continent has it share of mass-murdering, genocidal examples.

      Hey, my grandfather was killed by nazi collaborators. Was he a communist, a partisan, or none of the above i don’t know. Jews were not the only ones that got killed in WWII.

      1. “We” perfected genocide and “you” protected us from all evil.
        And I`m terrible sorry that there just weren`t enough indians for “you” to kill so now “you” aren`t allowed to play with the big boys. :p

        These “social welfare benefits” drastically increased after the fall of the sowjet union – because “we” were spending quite a lot of money on “our” defense before – so quit your whining, it just isn’t true (maybe except for sweden…).

        And in case you don’t know: You’re descended from europeans, you took everything you learned with you – even the perfection of warfare and genocide (as I said: just not enough Indians) 😉

        Anyway, I’m not dead serious and I’m far from being offended – I just don’t like such stupid talk.

        1. Sorry if the truth hurts oh and that little brouhaha between the states was to free the slaves, regardless of what our southern brethren might think.

  2. Apology accepted 🙂
    Well, maybe “offended” is not the right word. But, as you said, it’s not fair to judge us all by our governments.
    You said your opinion and we said ours. That’s democracy, right 🙂

    I agree that anti-semitism is real and exists. And, some people think it’s all US and Israel’s fault. They just need somebody to blame.

    You know, your last paragraph explains it a lot better than your previous post.

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