Ha ha ha, holy shit.

I wrote about this before.


After his buddy confessed to drawing on Kyle first, I guess Marshall wanted to get the fuck out of dodge before having to testify against his bro and getting him charged.

This is getting better by the day.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Today’s Rittenhouse trial news gets better”
  1. The ONLY thing I will say is- Kyle should not have gone there. He knew there was going to be violence
    BUT, I sincerely do want to see him set free with no charges. What a clown show..

    1. No one should stand against barbarism, because there will be violence?

      He didn’t start it. The thugs who attacked him made that choice. They could have chosen not to attack him.

      Hell, the guy who shot in the air? He should be facing charges, but for some reason he’s walking free.

    2. Mayhaps if many more right-thinking people had shown up, properly kitted out, on the 25th, or as soon as the rioting peaceful protesters started peacefully protesting in oh so violent ways, then Kyle wouldn’t have had to do what he did.

      Seriously, Curby, from all that’s been shown, Kyle went there to be peaceful but to help stop the stupidity by putting out fires and trying to mitigate any issues.

  2. It’s hearsay, and may or may not be admissible. If they can find Jacob Marshall and compel him to testify, it might be OK. Better if Gaige Grosskreutz can testify on it himself.

    1. Years back, I read about the Manson trials, and something Vincent Bugliosi commented on is that it’s not that hearsay is inadmissible, but that there are limitations as to how far you can go with it.

      Granted, this was a case fifty years ago, so the law may have changed.

      That being said, Grosskreutz has done the prosecution more harm than good. He was also active on social media right up till yesterday. I suspect his civil suit for damages is about to disappear.

  3. IANAL, but the only charge I see being a problem to a reasonable jury is the one dealing with Saint Rittenhouse being a minor in possession of a firearm. Personally I think it’s ridiculous but black letter law…
    I truly hope that the jury nullifies all the charges, or that the judge dismisses all of them with prejudice & Kyle winds up owning Kenosha lock, stock, & barrel after the ensuing lawsuits.

    1. And Kyle’s lawyers already filed the motion for dismissal on that “minor in possession” charge and made a solid legal argument for it, since the statutory language doesn’t seem to apply to him or his circumstances.

      The judge just hasn’t ruled on the motion yet.

  4. I have been following the trial. I am sort of fuzzy about the days before and after Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself? Let’s see what happened?

    My understanding is the riots had been going on for several days, since the night of the day the police officer shot Jacob Blake on August 23, 2020.

    Kyle Rittenhouse shoots people during another night of riot on August 25. Doesn’t that mean the riots happened three straight nights, 23-24-25?

    What happened on the night of the 26th? Were there riots? Arson? “Unrest”?
    Wikipedia says NO?


    Governor Evers FINALLY sent 1,000 National Guard in on Friday August 28, 2020. What would have happened if he sent more than a token and ineffective 200 NG in on August 24 after the first night of riots? Imagine if he sent in 2,000 or 3,000 Guardsmen? Would Huber and Rosenbaum died?

    Why didn’t Governor Evers send in the Guard? It sounds a lot like the stupid, destructive delays that MN Governor Walz made during the George Floyd Riots in May 2020. George Floyd OD’d on Monday. The riots really started on Wednesday Afternoon, when they looted a Target store and no police responded. The looting and lack of response signaled the whole F***ing City was up for grabs, and the rioters responded. Walz didn’t call many of out the MN Guard until Saturday. In total there was $500 million in damages, 140 buildings destroyed, 1500 damaged and 2 deaths. And it all stopped Saturday AM when Walz put 8,000 guardsmen on the streets.

    Governor Evers should be the one on trial.

  5. There gonna pull out all the stops.
    They aint gonna let him walk.
    Though he should, like NOW!
    I hope and pray he does. God bless him!!

    But these sob’zzz.
    If Just-u.s. dont get him, the. MOB will.
    He’s gonna have to go Under, as may his family.

    I hope he doesnt…epstein or get GP’d or a Meteor strikes him sleeping….

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