My dislike to idiots misusing Open Carry just to be assholes and Internet sub-celebrities is well established.  Even so, I joined Open Carry Texas (OCT) Facebook page because they are doing it right and pissing the right people off forcing them to show their colors like the case I am about to show:


courtney c 1a
Bottom post is first


And then she does a stylish move:

courtney c 2

Ain’t she a bundle of open love and tolerance for her fellow human beings? And I won’t even comment of the misuse of 911.

And who is Courtney C?
courtney c 1I had to look up Misandrist and according to Webster’s is somebody who hates Men.  She may have her reasons and God Bless her for that. But let’s continue…

courtney c 3


OCT replies and she reaches for American Libtards Favorite Punch Toy:
courtney c 4But I thought she hated men….or she has special hate for men depending on the color of their skin? wouldn’t that make her a Racist Misandrist?

This is a pic I stole from OCT:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

I might be seeing things, but I see White, Black, Latino and Asian in the photograph. But wait, it gets better:

courtney c 6

Again I had to dip into OCT’s Facebook photos to locate the offending flag and found two of them:

courtney c   OCT flags 1

courtney c   OCT flags 2

I actually see the red one as a stylized version of the flag of Norway rather than the Rebel Flag.

Courtney C. hit every branch of the Gun Control Clichés’ Tree on her way to the Ground of Stupidity and I admit it was fun to watch. The more people like her spout their opinions of us, the better we look and the Second Amendment moves forward.

So basically, Thank You Courtney C!

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “Tolerance? Nowhere to be found with this kind of people. (Language warning)”
  1. Is it bad that I look at her and think to myself ‘Hmm, I wonder what her problem with men is” and that instantly devovles into adolescent fantasy along the lines of a modernized “Taming of the Shrew”

  2. Wow. She really ought to move to Chicago. Think she’d be happier there. “Killjoy” is right, and not something you should be proud of. Killjoys suck.

    Also, she is very decidedly racist, given she things that black men shouldn’t own guns, AND that white men are entitled. And she’s not displaying Misandry there. She’s displaying straight-up sexism, bordering on abuse.

    Wonder what the 911 operator told her about misusing the emergency line.

    1. Oh god no! We have enough miserable people like that here.

      What I noted, with not a small amount of irony, is that her profile says “top notch misandrist.” She, despite being obviously liberal, is proudly wearing her bigotry on her sleeve (and Twitter bio). Think about what would happen if a man listed himself as a “top notch misogynist” on his Twitter bio. But if you are a left wing feminist, hateful bigotry against certain groups is a credential.

  3. Once you’ve had children, you understand that in every living human being lives a tyrannical little Napoleon. Some folks are capable of recognizing this, and can squash that part of their ego once they’re reasoning abilities are up to par. Others turn out like our little Ms Courtney over here.

    I’m sure Courtney considers herself a good progressive feminist. Thing is, progressives are really not as tolerant as they think. They would invoke the final solution on their perceived enemies just as quickly as the KKK would. That makes them two sides of the same coin. You either respect rights and liberty, or you don’t.

  4. “What’s her problem with men?”

    Just look at her–you don’t even have to read her insane rantings. She has the look of a psycho, and an ugly one to boot. So her misandry is simply a case of sour grapes, because she knows not even Anthony Weiner would want any of that.

  5. I read that self-description as 100% “Look at me!! I’m a more special snowflake than you are because my opinions are different!! I’m better than you!!” Everything about her profile is trying to impress you with how much better she is than you.

    Just a spoiled kid looking for attention.

  6. Yeah she’s all that she says she is, and arrogant, foul mouthed, and racist to boot. None of which is anything to be proud of. And NO ONE is going to disabuse her of her hypocrisy and hatred. But let her rant and rage, until she does “die of irony”. (Would that it were true!) She shows what all gun grabbers think of us, and the more people that see this, the better. Many will come to our side.

  7. Miguel… you have any IDEA of what you have done????????
    Ms. Courtny is going to rage at her fellow employees and employers of the wrong sex for the next few weeks(okay maybe just a day or two). She will track you down and start a flame war on FB,Twitter & email upon you. Sheesh if I were you I would open AND conceal carry simutainously along w/a long gun,in bed ,at night,with the lights on,security alarm set. Heck even move back in w/you parents for a week or two. You never know,these man hating women are every where. I know my sis….hei^34/s………..

  8. How about we switch. She can move to New York and I’ll take her place in Texas. I think we’d both be happier.

  9. I am happily divorced from a repressed, passive aggressive Lefty, the $22K it cost me was money well spent. This woman’s soul is filled with ugly to the point that it is leaking out through her pores. She’s probably furious that her Butch lover dumped her for a Zeta Male and she can’t even score on the B/W dating sites. When a woman is ejected from the Female Social Matrix and realize that their life will end alone and surrounded by cats they go absolutely berserk (it’s fun to watch from a distance)! I would suggest that she be to some submersion therapy, OC Males with “racist flags” in front of her home, just like SEIU goons do to capitalist homes.

  10. Look, somebody pleeeze feed that bitch a ham sandwich. She gets near me, I’ll just feed her a couple of knuckle ones…

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