Manhattan, with 199 bias incidents, has led the city’s record rise in hate crimes this year, NYPD statistics show. Of those, 134 occurred in Midtown’s Manhattan South precinct, according to Compstat figures through Dec. 12.

Brooklyn was next on the sobering scorecard, with 119 hate crimes, followed by Queens (102), The Bronx (44) and Staten Island (17).

Overall, the city has seen 514 hate crimes so far this year, up 98 percent from the 260 in 2020, and more than any year since 2013, when the department started a tally of hate crimes.

Bias crimes against Asians rose the most out of any group, with 131 reported cases in 2021 compared to 28 the year before — a galling 368% increase.

But crimes against Jews continued to lead the hate parade, with 191 incidents in 2021, up 49 percent from the 128 in 2020.

“The increase in anti-Semitic bias incidents in our city is unacceptable and our elected leaders need to get serious about investing in real, long-term solutions,” said Leo Ferguson, director of strategic projects for Jews For Racial & Economic Justice.

“I’ve never seen it this bad,” said Wellington Chen, executive director of Chinatown’s Business Improvement District and a 50-year Big Apple resident. “We have never been so conscious that we are Asian. That is the sadness for us … It’s the opposite of what we should be.”

Some thoughts:

New York City has gotten Bluer as Moderate Conservative leaning New Yorkers have fled aouth to Florida or other states.  As New York City becomes more concentrated Leftist, hate crimes go up.

The two most targeted minority groups are the most common “model minorities. ”  Jews and Asians have on average higher academic and economic achievement.

It seems that the underlying motivation of Leftism is violent envy.  Prosperous and successful minorities are abused for their success.  This is the essence of early stage Socialism with an added ethnic component.

If New York City is the paragon of Progressivism, I want nothing to do with it because it turns society into a racist violent shithole.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Tolerant Liberal Progressive New York City”
    1. Unpossible, Whites have too much privilege. Any action against Whites are just “reparations” and not crimes (hate or otherwise).

    1. Such a breakdown contradicts The Narrative [TM] and will never be investigated nor published.

      Only anecdotal, cherry-picked cases of actual “white-on-minority” crimes will be made public. They are a tiny fraction of “bias crimes”, but the reports will infer that they are representative of all “bias crimes”. Because The Narrative [TM] says so.

    1. Two thoughts:

      1. Violent crime isn’t something I’d wish on anyone. Not cool.

      2. Based on recent history, based on demographics (read: as white and black “Progressives”) they are far more likely to be perpetrators than victims.

      Even more likely, though, is that one or more of their fans and followers will pick up on their biased attitudes and “roll with it”.

    2. Chas,

      The Pretty People have Apartment/Condiminiums with security vestibules, locked lobbies, and doormen/security 24/7. They ride back and forth in town cars to work, where the Media Companies have security guards, locked floors, and the really important people even have remote locking doors on their offices to keep people in/out. (Just ask Matt Lauerer.) Things have to be really messed up of they become victims of street crime.

      The assistant vice producers, administrative assistants, camera and sound people? The average middle class schmoes? They don’t have security. They get to ride the subway, they get to deal with the street people, they are not insulated like their bosses and the Pretty People. And they get the glories of being yelled at, bullied and sexually harassed by the Pretty People.

  1. Doesn’t help the situation that the perps, when arrested, are let out of jail within a day, and if bail is actually imposed, it is so low as to be meaningless.

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