Tomorrow is June 1st, or as it is known in Leftist circles, the first day of Pride Month.

Let us be clear, Leftism is a religion.

Pride Month is to the Leftist was Ramadan or Lent is to Muslims and Christians.  It is a month long religious holiday.

Consider that company after company and government agency after government agency will decorate with Pride flags, host Pride events, and will make everything they can brand rainbow color.

Companies used to do this for Christmas, but that’s fallen out of favor.  Pride month has taken its place.

The most significant evidence that it is a religious holiday is that Pride is supposed to be about civil rights for roughly 4% of the population but is absolutely celebrated and pushed by nearly every corporation and government entity, disproportionate to the actual number of people who should be represented.

What I honestly want is for Pride to be challenged along First Amendment grounds.

The same argument that the Left used to drive prayer out of schools should be used to drive Pride out of schools.  Their secular religion shouldn’t be forced on people, especially children.

I have a religion, I refuse to practice theirs.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow starts the holiest month of the Leftist calendar”
  1. Myself and pretty close to every single LGBT person I know – both left and right – absolutely loathes Pride month.

    1. But from your comments you are just a normal person who is gay. As opposed to LGBT people whose entire identity, personality, and sense of self is based on their sexuality.

      1. J, the question is what the numbers look like. It seems Ish suggests that the crazies you’re talking about make up a small fraction of the total. Sort of like the fact that crooks like Al Sharpton are a small minority of blacks, and most of them are not interested in using pretend-victimhood as a way to get rich quick.

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