By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Too much?”
  1. Yeah, too much. If I wanted find that, I could. I’d rather it didn’t come from my favorite blog. I didn’t click play…

    1. Nope, not to much. It didn’t even show anything and was more comical than anything. Nothing bad was shown, but you wouldn’t know that cause you didn’t click play.

      Did the world a favor for removing himself from the gene pool, but it had to have been painful. So it goes…

      1. Having been on fire myself…..yes, it hurts.
        Worst pain of my life, and a memory that is capable of waking me up screaming, 45 years later.

        And he deserved every inch of it.

  2. Described as “tragedy” in 2 reports I read. I suppose it can certainly be seen/felt that way, but my perspective is that he made a choice. End.

    I do feel for the family involved.

    1. He believed his suicide accomplished righteousness for himself and would serve to move forward in American society a sense of guilt and repentance for having committed an unforgiveable sin as defined by the Islamist. And who exactly promoted this type of commitment to the point where he believed this was the only action, he had left to engage in.
      If you don’t condemn the Jews and embrace their enemy, I will set myself on fire…….and go to the god of islam. Someone counseled this guy and inspired him to act in this manner. They should be identified and made public. Allahu Akbar.

    2. What the first responders and medical personnel had to experience was tragic.
      His death was comical. He set himself on fire to support the 10/7 rapes, torture, murders, and burning innocent people alive.

  3. stupid is as stupid does.. I have ZERO sympathy or feelings of guilt cause this moron is so fukked up he killed himself. surprised he didn’t have an S-vest and do that…

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