Ten ago, I used the term ballistic beatification in the comments. Miguel turned it into a meme and invited me to write for the blog.


We’re all familiar with the ballistic beatification of St. Trayvon of the Blessed Hoodie and St. Brown the Hand Raiser.

Progressives have added a new demographic to the canon of ballisticly beatified saints, transgenders.






You can guess where this is going…

Judge releases Bel Air homicide suspect on recognizance

Harford County District Administrative Judge Susan Hazlett on Friday morning released Brian Delen on recognizance, according to online court records.

Bel Air police arrested a man in connection with a fatal shooting Wednesday night.

Town police said officers were called around 6:30 p.m. to the English Country Manor condominiums in the 600 block of Churchill Road for a shooting.

Police said a preliminary investigation indicates a confrontation in the parking lot led to the shooting and that the suspect, Brian Michael Delen, 47, of Bel Air, called 911.

“(Delen) immediately surrendered to them (officers). They took him into custody and found a semi-automatic pistol on his person. From that point, they also saw the victim lying on the ground,” Bel Air Police Chief Charles Moore told 11 News.

A court charging document obtained by 11 News said it was all over gender identity.

The charging document states Delen was delivering food when he and Lewis got into a confrontation.

The court record states: “Delen asked, ‘Are you waiting for a food delivery, sir?’ Lewis took offense to what she believed was Delen misgendering her and began yelling at him.”

The charging document states Delen began to drive away and Lewis followed on foot. Delen then stopped his car and got out, the dispute escalated, and, “during the altercation, Delen produced his firearm and fired one round, striking Lewis in the left abdomen.”

Police charged Delen with second-degree murder, first-degree assault and a gun charge. He remains held at the Harford County Detention Center, and a bail review hearing is scheduled for Friday morning.

Police send their condolences to the victim’s family.

“We want to guarantee them justice will be served and we will hold Mr. Delen accountable,” Moore told 11 News.

But wait, there’s more.

The charging document notes that Delen has a Maryland wear and carry permit and that he had visible injuries from the incident.

This sounds like a possible case of self defense.

The delivery driver was attacked by the victim for using the wrong pronoun.

There are several things to note.

The Judge released Deken on recognizance with a second degree murder charge.

There is no gate crime charge.

This is Maryland.

The driver had a carry permit.

Thr driver had injuries.

It seems like the evidence might be heavily in favor of self defense.

It also seems like from the statement by police, justice will not be served.  Delen might be Chauvined to appease the Leftist mob.

Also, Lewis had a domestic violence restraint from when he was living as a man, Jimmy Wayne Lewis.

The Left won’t let people talk about his previous transgressions, because that’s dead naming.

But the indicators are that Lewis proved that trans women are men, by losing his temper and getting violent like a man, which got him shot.

But now we must pretend that the aggressive tranny is the victim of a transgender genocide and will be elevated to sainthood.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Transgender ballistic beatification”
  1. Maryland…. isnt that one of those states that has no restrictions on firearms??…. oh wait, maryland, home of baltimore, home run by those kind compassionate liberals who outlawed firearms and they have no crime atall…ballistic beautification…. now THATS awesome..
    hhmm “at least 31 “things” supposed killed in 2023… how many opioid deaths in 2023??? isnt it like 100 THOUSAND plus?? oh but fruit cake here, thats a tragedy… yawn… hey America, stop enabling this shiite and it will go away..

  2. I wonder why Delen stopped and got out of his car, when he was already driving away from the problem?

    1. Maybe he hadn’t been able to finish his food delivery?

      The articles don’t say if the testosterone triggered individual was the customer or not…

  3. Per the story the shooter was in his vehicle driving away when he stopped and got out. That fact, if true will get him convicted. You don’t reenter a confrontation voluntarily and still call it self defense in most jurisdictions.

    1. Knowing when Lewis assaulted Delen will be key. If the assault was after Delen got out of his car then it more likely valid self defense….

      1. I’d want a few more details. For example: How big were the two involved, relative to each other? Lewis (the deceased) was a man-turned-“female” — it’s totally possible “she” was 6’2″ and 250 lbs, and carrying some muscle. If Delen is 5’6″ and 160 lbs. (not unlike a lot of food delivery guys I’ve met), the size disparity alone may as well be a lethal weapon. There’s a damn good reason professional boxers and MMA fighters are separated into weight classes, after all; a heavyweight could easily kill a featherweight in the ring.
        The articles report “injuries” on Delen. What kind of injuries? Are we talking lacerations and light bruising, or broken nose and a light concussion? It would help describe how seriously Lewis was attacking Delen.
        But all things considered, the fact Delen immediately surrendered to police shows he likely doesn’t believe himself guilty of a crime, which from the outside — and lacking other details — looks more like he believes the law is on his side; a.k.a. self-defense.
        Even so, your car is a protective shell around you. The lesson is, unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t break your perimeter.

  4. Ballistic Beatification: The miraculous process in which a criminal, who catches a bullet for his crime, is suddenly canonized into a saint.
    [Irreverent content warning! 😉 ]
    So are JHPs made of Holy Water, then? Or are they just infused and blessed with the Essence of God?
    Would that make my carry gun a Sacred Artifact protected by the First Amendment, the same as a kippah or yarmulke, or rosary beads, or a silver crucifix one might wear around his/her neck?
    When we pull the trigger in self-defense, are we then following God’s Will and the Mandate of Heaven by ballistically purifying tortured souls?
    (Actually, irreverence aside, except for the “purifying souls” part we could make that argument already; protecting innocent life IS a mandate of heaven.)
    What are the full implications here? 🙂

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