These people were trapped in a metal box with a crazy person with a knife.

There is no way to flee a moving train.

Yes, in the end they mustered enough courage to take this guy down, but going hand to hand with a guy with a knife is dangerous.

Situational awareness and concealed carry are key.

Oregon is a shall issue state, and as far as I can tell from the internet, it’s legal to carry on public transportation (correct me in the comments if I’m wrong).

Carry and be prepared to defend yourself.

We also need effective government to enforce Bruen in other states.

You can’t flee when you’re locked in a moving box.  People need the ability to defend themselves.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Trapped in a box with violence”
  1. Oregon is a shall issue state and there are no prohibitions against carrying on public transport with a CHL (IANAL, so check you shit if you’re gonna carry here).

    However, Seattle is in Washington, and who knows what restrictions the fine folks in the WA legislature have enacted in a post Bruen tantrum.

    Seattle is a shithole. Stay out of there!

    1. You’re right, Seattle, Portland, my brain just sort of lumps them.all together into “Pacific Northwest shithole.” My bad.

  2. Even if you cannot carry a firearm, carry some other method of defense. Even a walking stick is better than nothing. At the bare minimum, it can be used to keep the attacker several feet away.
    And, if you are going to bring some non-firearm defense weapon, please learn how to use it. Swinging a cane wildly is not going to stop anyone. Same with the kubutos (sp?) etc… These things do not emit some kind of protective field, they have to be employed.

  3. And until We the People win we will have TWO fights- the one we survived and the liberals in charge of the courts…

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