#TravyvonMartinStory trending.

since J. Kb. and yours truly do not pre-arrange what are we going to write about, you can assume a fair amount of events are bound to be addressed by both. If he beats me to the post, I usually let his post being the only one since he writes better than me.

I was aware of the “documentary” and I had it set up to record, but I did not know it was six episodes. I simply do not have the stomach to stand bull crap in those amounts.

You will probably be facing a lot of people demanding SYG to be taken down.  I want you to ask them one question: How come nobody has appealed to the courts that SYG is unconstitutional? You see that every day with laws that get passed and get taken to appeal courts and even all the way to SCOTUS. Yet nobody has challenged SYG in any court yet.  When they ask you why or remain silent in their ignorance, share the following link with them:

 Supreme Court of the United States: Stand Your Ground Cases.

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  1. SYG was not invoked. Simple case of self-defense because straddled for an MMA style pounding does not allow retreat.

    Police did not want to proceed because of his clear innocence in regards to the unprovoked attack by Trayvon Martin.

    What a pile of excrement pretending to be a documentary. I guess they never bothered to look at the evidence or the trial.

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