I’m a Florida boy, born and raised.

You can take the boy out of Florida but you can’t take the Florida out of the boy.

In Florida, hurricane preparedness is a way of life.  Even when you move out of Florida, you spend the rest of your life prepping for hurricane season.

One of the hurricane behaviors that I have is in regards to trees.

Fuck trees.  I have a chainsaw.  In fact I have five chainsaw and am looking to add one more to the roster (I have a hankering for a Stihl MS251 Wood Boss).

Trees exist to be trimmed and chainsaws are for heroes.

See, when sustained winds of 75 mph winds come through whete you live, trees fall down and damage your home, car, and powerlines.

Cutting trees back so they don’t topple in the wind is a high priority.

I’m new to New England, but I just can’t understand the local lack of tree trimming.

Everywhere I go I see windfalls and limbs snapped off due to snow load.

Big trees hanging over homes and powerlines covered with snow and ice scares the fuck out of me.

It should scare the fuck out of you too.

‘In the arms of Jesus’: Teen critically injured by falling tree to be taken off life support

A teen in Tennessee was scheduled to become an organ donor Sunday after she suffered a life-threatening injury during storms that swept the state on Friday.

According to Liberty Creek High School, Aleya Brooks suffered a traumatic brain injury when a tree fell on her.

Jason Brooks, Aleya Brooks’ father, said the tree fell on her while she was helping her family clear debris from their driveway.

Jason Brooks said his daughter, who is also a cheerleader at her school, was taken to the hospital where it was determined she suffered multiple facial and head fractures, as well as deep bleeding in her brain.

The swelling in Aleya Brooks’ head increased Saturday, according to her father.

By Saturday evening, Aleya Brooks’ father said she would be “in the arms of Jesus now” as doctors prepared to remove her from life support on Sunday.

She’s not the only person in Tennessee to be killed by falling trees in the last few days.

Dangerous winds claim two lives in Middle Tennessee

In Hendersonville, an elderly woman was walking back to her home on Lake Terrace Drive when a tree fell on her. She died from her injuries, the city says.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is currently at a Level 4 to provide increased monitoring and coordination from high winds that took place Friday.

Strongest wind gusts from Friday were in Clarksville, where gusts topped 79 mph.

High winds and trees are dangerous.

Keep your trees trimmed and if trees are sick, cut them down.

Don’t risk your life under a tree in a wind or ice storm.

Nature is a mean bitch and she will murder you in your own driveway with a tree.

Tree maintenance is very much a matter of life and death.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Trim your trees”
  1. Well said! I have lots of the swayin buggers that are gonna go this year. Even the little ones can wreck ya. Fun thing to do here in “tree hugger ville- earth day I shoot trees…

  2. I am with you there.
    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a bit of a tree hugger. I like trees, and will not chop one down just because…
    But, when it comes to safety, sorry Mr. Tree, you lose. And, do not get too close to my house, or you will lose limbs first, and your life second.

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