They made a sequel for modern times.


The purpose of this movie is to incite violence against Jews.

Let’s not pretend otherwise.

Their thesis is that for Jews in Israel to feel safe, Palestinians must be unsafe.

I have never heard that in my life, but that’s the lie they are going with.

What is the correction, then, if you are a Palestinian activist or ally?

The easy answer is to reverse it.

Make the Palestinians safe by making Jews unsafe.

Recently, there have been propagandistic attacks on Iron Dome.  Iron Dome is a purely defensive weapon.

The attack is based on the idea that isn’t not fair that the Jews have an air defense system that protects them from Hamas rockets while tye Palestinians don’t have an air defense system to protect them from the Israeli Air Force.

It’s a line of attack that complains that not enough Jews are being killed.

How dare the Jews not die in rocket attacks! 

It also seeks to separate Israel from Judaism and turn Israel into a Jewish ethno-state.  The Jewish Third Reich.

That gives them the Leftist moral authority to call for the destruction of the Jews.

The Jews are racist and must me made unsafe to protect the Palestinians from Zionist oppression. 

Leni Riefenstahl would be proud of the Jew hating mendacity of this film and its desite to incite violence against the Jews.

I absolutely guarantee that this will hit theaters and there will be a spike in antisemitic violence in its wake.  It is a feature not a bug.

I just hope American Jews see this for what it is and understand the absolute depths of antisemitism to which the Left has plumbed.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Triumph of the Will Pt. 2”
  1. It is a very infantile/childish way of looking at the world. As if safety is a limited quantity/finite asset. If Israel has more than every other country, it means it stole that safety from those countries.

  2. As a slight tangent, no mention of Jordan (ne Trans-Jordan) originally being part of Palestine. 😮 😉

    Who is concerned about those people?

    1. No one.

      Besides, every country that has been able to has expelled Palestinian “refugees”. Kuwait and Iraq, notably.

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