Twitter was trending this morning with a story that a man in Iowa ran over a bunch of abortion rights protesters with intent to kill them.

That comes from a thread from a Blue Check writer:


Lyz Lenz is reporting that the man moved over a lane of traffic to run over women in a crosswalk.

*Side note: In common English, Lyz is not pronounced “Liz” as in short for Elizabeth, but “lies.”  This feels like a villain from a children’s book where the lying reporter’s name is actually “lies.”

The intrepid Andy Ngo also posted longer video from the altercation:


Several things to note:

If the driver’s intention was to murder protesters with his truck, why did he drive slowly through them and only speed up when nobody was in front of him?

If the protesters were really innocent women who feared being run over by a man in a truck, why did they stand in front of his truck pushing on it?  Did they expect to stop a 6,000 lbs, 450 HP truck driven by a man with murder in his heart?

Why were other protesters yelling at the women “get out of the way, stop doing this?”

Now we have video from an interview with one of those women from CBS2 Iowa.


Why did she jump in to try and stop the truck?

Consider the Nice truck attack or the Waukesha Christmas parade attack, there is no video of people jumping out in front of those vehicles to stay and stop them with their bodies.

People did their best to get out of the way and not be run over.

Why is it that whenever we see this situations described as “driver runs over protesters” do we we crowds of protesters surrounding the vehicle, pushing on it, and trying to block it?

We don’t have the full video, but from past incidents, I’m inclined to believe he was mobbed first and decided to drive on through.

I really hope for his sake that he has cell phone video from his perspective.

I think that’s important to consider now.  If you are in an area where you get caught in a protest, start recording video.   If you need to hit the gas to save yourself, make sure you have exonerating video evidence.

To address the philosophical question, I believe that the actions of the protesters demonstrate that they are spoiled children who were never disciplined and understand the violence switch theory and take advantage of it.

It’s clear that these grown up children threw temper tantrums and were not punished for it.  As protesters they expect that they can block traffic and beat on cars and the divers will sit passively and take it.

They assume that a driver of the opposite political side will not fight back.  They assume that we will absorb the low level violence done to us but not flip the switch ourselves and run them over.  They become shocked when we do.

From what I see here, admittedly colored by my prejudice from watching other car vs protester videos from the Summer of Love™, is that the driver ran through a bunch of angry protesters who started shit with him.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Truck vs. Protesters in Iowa”
  1. “I think that’s important to consider now. If you are in an area where you get caught in a protest, start recording video. If you need to hit the gas to save yourself, make sure you have exonerating video evidence.”

    Dash cam. You can get one for around 50 bucks. Don’t drive without one. For a few more dollars, you can get front and rear cams.

      1. I will also point out that I have a large can of pepper gel and a tear gas grenade in the door pocket of my truck. When I bought it, my wife asked: “What do you need that for?”
        You’ll see. The tears of liberals are delicious.

  2. FAFO: F*ck Around and Find Out.

    The “protesters” f*cked around, and found out. (“Protesters” in quotes because if this is anything like other Leftist “protests” over the past couple years, “rioters” is probably a better description.)

    The new question is, since they’ve now been “educated”, did they learn anything?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say, no. They will do this again and again and be just as surprised at what happens each time.

  3. Cedar Rapids was a nice city when I was young lived and there in the 1990’s.
    I thought nothing of walking down the alleys downtown to get to my car at 1 AM.

    Coe College is likely the source of many protesters. It’s a moderate sized Liberal Arts College about 15-20 blocks from the protest site. Iowa City and the U of Iowa is only about 40 minutes away.

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