So, I’m a fat Jewish guy from Miami.

I was living in Alabama and working as an engineer.

I had to travel to NYC.

I went to check into the hotel.

The woman behind the counter took my ID, looked at it, and said “Alabama? Are you in the Klan?”

Really.  No, bullshit.

Another time I was at the Pittsburgh airport, chatting with the person next to me in line, as you do when you’re bored.

“Heading out or heading home?”

“Heading home.”

“Where’s home?”

“Huntsville, Alabama.”

“You don’t look like your parents are cousins.”

People from the North East are the biggest, most aggressive fucking bigots in this country.

They are open and proud of their bigotry.

They are absolutely secure in their superiority over any other region in the country, especially the South, and have absolutely no shame in that.

They will be openly bigoted to people from the South, and smug in their feeling that they did something right by being an asshole to a lower lifeform.

This woman is an absolute bigot and the replies are filled with fellow bigots justifying her bigotry.

When I say I think we need a national divorce before we balkanize violently, this thread is proof of why.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “True story about Alabama and the North East”
  1. As a former NYer, I can agree. For the most part.
    I have gotten some grief from southerners way back when my car had NY plates, but nothing compared the the way NYers treated southerners. Well, they way the treat anyone who is not a NYer.
    And, I would agree totally. It is a lot more uncomfortable for a southerner, or someone from a red state, travelling to a major blue city/state than doing the opposite.

  2. I live up here and I see it all the time. The “Im sniffing shiite” crowd. I laugh at them . The small town I live in is split about 50-50ish liberals-Americans. We have machinegun shoots at my range once in a while to remind them what FREEDOM sounds like. I figure when life gets real they will be dieing waitin for the fema truck/bus. Kind compassionate tolerant liberals my dimpled ass.
    Oh. And every time the wife and I go south, below Pa, its like “THIS is America !” I love it, we get treated like royalty (no NY plate maybe)..

  3. Thinking more on this crap…
    If the folks on the right side of the political aisle were 1/100th as hateful and violent as we are portrayed by the leftists, there would not be any leftists remaining.

  4. Many years ago I working on a large project outside of Philadelphia. When meeting new people after name and job the first question asked is “Where are you from?” I responded “Idaho.” “Idaho huh, they grow a lot of corn out there.” Now at this time my license plates had “Famous Potatoes” on it and some comedians had made fun of that. I replied “yeah, but we’re better known for potatoes.” Clearly he was thinking Iowa, but hey they both begin with “I.”

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