Let’s compare two videos.

This is the ad Trump has started airing against Ron DeSantis.  Keep in mind, DeSantis hasn’t even announced that he’s running yet.


Now this Trump interview with Tucker Carlson.


Ron DeSantis is the most popular governor in the history of the State of Florida.

He turned Florida from a purple state to a Red state.

Gavin Newsom was almost recalled.

California lost more residents than any other state under Newsom, and most of those people went to Florida under DeSantis.

But Trump savages DeSantis and praises Newsom.


DeSantis is a threat to him and Newsom stroked his ego.

This is Trump on 2024, it’s all about his ego.

He’s not running to MAGA, he’s running to Maje Trump a Winner Again.  That’s it.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Trump 2024 is nothing but ego”
  1. I think the whole Trump/ Desantis fued is another manufactured problem. Politics is all about ego.
    You have a few who really want to make things better, but mostly its all about control run by yuge control freak egos. We get a 3 way race again it will garonTEE biden gets 4 more years to fuk us over more. Im sick and tired of the whole thing.

  2. The question of the day is, Which EGO do you want to ruin your life as an American Patriot? Do you want the one who will ruin it slow, or fast? Depending on your age, your answer might vary. I’ll still choose the Billionaire Ego over a Leftist Ego. If I turn-out to be like my father, which it seems to be the case, I have about thirty years left to endure this political madness. Either way, I prepare for the worst case scenario, and will keep my oath.

    1. I believe that Trump will lose a national election. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think he will win any new voters from 2020.

      1. Any republican will lose. The dems have destroyed the republic. There are no more free presidential elections.

    1. I believe you’re right sad to say. But I will go further and state that no matter who the Republicans put up against the leftist, they will lose. Mail-in ballots and other tactics used in the last election will again work Midnight Magic for the win

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