Trump at the G7 pushing his way to the front like the fucking boss that he is:

Biden getting left behind like the senile old fucker that he is:

And what is the media’s response?

Most of the rest of the world only “likes” America when we are weak.

(I’m talking about the elites, the people whose opnions count to the bureacuracy and the media.)

Most of the rest of the world resents the fuck out of America.

See, America is made up largely of all the people who were at the bottom rung of the old world and came to America looking for opportunity.  The peasants left and the elite stayed behind.  It’s not that difficult to understand why, if life was good for you in Europe or elsewhere, why leave?

Those rejects from the old country came here, and with the addition of freedom, personal liberty, and equality of opportunity, made America head-and-shoulders more successful than the rest of the world.

We shouldn’t have been able to do that.

We are the Bad News Bears.  A rag-tag bunch of fuckups and losers who kicked the shit out of millennia-old empires.

The old countries are all the homogenous teams in perfect uniforms with great coaches that lose to the Bad News Bears.

We are Daniel-kun and they are Cobra Kai.

We are Danny Noonan and Al Czervik, and they are Judge Elihu Smails.

We are Jack Hartounian and they are Chandler Young.

(The use of Caddyshack references are important because we Jews went from being hugely oppressed in Europe to being by-and-large successful in the United States, which is also the root of a lot of the new anti-Zionism type anti-Semitism in Europe, i.e., “those holocaust survivors created the highest GDP economy in the Middle East in a land without huge oil reserves.”)

So, of course, the old blue bloods resent the fuck out of us.

Trump, the most garishly nouveau-riche American of all Presidents, the Jack Hartounian of Presidents, was a gold-plated thorn in their sides.

Biden, a senile old geezer, is America just how they want us, weak and compliant.

America is at her best when the European elite resent the shit out of us because it means we’re winning.

I don’t want some fifth-generation European bureaucrat to like this country.

I want some fifth-generation European bureaucrat to resent the fuck out the fact that the guy shoving him out of the way in a photo-op’s great grandfather came to this country as a penniless peasant after being shoved off his dirt farm by his (the fifth-generation European bureaucrat’s) great-grandfather, the Duke of Buggery, and now he (the guy shoving him out of the way) is the most important man in the world.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Trump vs Biden and what it means that the rest of the world “likes us” again”
  1. Not to mention we were a serious help in one world war, basically saved their bacon in the next, rebuilt them in the aftermath, and since then have been paying for their national defense.

  2. As an American expat who’s spent a few presidential administrations in the South Pacific, the first time I’ve ever heard open admiration for our President from foreigners was when Trump was elected. And often from complete strangers hearing my “Yank” accent.
    To be fair, I did hear a lot of open disapproval during the Bush admin

  3. My own view: “focus” (fark off ‘cus y’all stupid). (To the world)

    If y’all don’t like us, go somewhere else for your movies, music, medical research.

    POTUS’ job number ONE, is the wellbeing of Joe, Jane, Jamahl, and Juanita Citizen.

    All the rest of the world, is number two.

    Both in a triage sense, as well as a toddler vocabulary sense.

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