When Hillary Clinton was running for president, she was speaking before a large black audience and said she caries hot sauce in her purse.

It was a racist and superficial attempt to pander to black people.

Today, Trump did the same to the gun community.

Trump was in South Carolina and stopped at the Palmetto State Armory store.

I’ve been there, it’s okay.

According to social media, he bought a Trump Glock.


The Trumpers loved it.


Rational people had questions.

Trump is a Florida resident so can’t purchase a gun in South Carolina.

He’s also under indictment for 34 felonies and can’t pass question 21.c on a 4473.

So what exactly did he do?

What he did was not buy a gun, just pose with it.

This feels a hell of a lot like Hillary’s hot sauce.

This was a shallow pander to the gun community that, “look, Trump likes guns and buys them.” When it was really just a stupid photo op.

I hate this sort of pandering.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Trump’s gun owner hot sauce moment”
  1. ALL politicians preen and posture for the camera. While Trump was a late comer to politics he was always a natural at it. He’s not the best person for POTUS…but he’s a still a darn sight better than just about all the other potential candidates. At least he doesn’t openly hate America like the majority of politicians do.

  2. Was his personal remora swimming in close proximity as well hoping for a nod or crumb from the big shark?
    I’m talking Lindsey Graham in case you didn’t figure it out.

    1. From the looks of it, remora-in-training Marjorie Taylor Greene was the one close by. I don’t think Lady G was in attendance.

        1. Hard telling without a score card as to who she’s sucking up to and trying to grift off of for support/stock tips from day to day. She certainly assimilated into the DC culture quickly.

  3. What a dumbass…. the last thing needed is a person under indictment appearing to be able to easily buy a gun. Anyone who knows the laws knows he didn’t buy nuffin, but the rest of mom ‘n pop America are going ‘jesus, it’s so easy to casually buy a gun! Maybe we do need stronger laws.’ What a dumbass.

    1. So some people have already tried and convicted Trump. Is he REALLY under indictment?? Or is it a kangaroo court stunt. Ive seen nothing but crickets on this..

  4. Not going to agree on this one. I do not see it as pandering to gun folks.
    For whatever reason, Palmetto sells a Trump Glock. If I was running for political office, and there was a novelty item with my image on it, I would pose with it as well.
    On the other hand, if you do not like Trump, you will see any action by him as pandering to whatever community he is talking to. It is human nature. And, yes the anti-gun people will harp about this, and they will not necessarily be wrong. However, the anti-Tumpers will create a even louder noise. But, campaigning is a balance between doing stuff to be seen and avoiding the stuff that makes you look bad. If a shop is selling something “different” that is in favor of me and my campaign, it would be stupid to ignore it because… well… because the very same people who will criticize EVERYTHING I do, will criticize this action as well.
    The question is: What can a politician do that will not offend anyone, and will not result in their political opponents harping? Anyone….? Anyone…?

  5. Maybe it’s my cyncial side, but this just smacks of Trump trying to get some campaign contributions from JJE Capital and a photo op with one of those God awful Trump Glock SMU’s they’ve been trying to offload for ages was their reward for cutting a check to the MAGA King.
    I almost expect my next email from PSA to have a blurb for the “Trump Approved” Glocks that have about 4 years worth of dust on the cases to hit my inbox within the week.

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