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Jason Miyares shakes up staff before becoming Virginia’s attorney general

Jason Miyares, Virginia’s incoming attorney general, is shaking up staff ahead of taking office on Saturday.

Miyares, a Republican, will take over from Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring, who was narrowly defeated in the November 2021 election.

On Friday, Miyares’ team said he made 30 personnel changes, including 17 attorneys and 13 staff members. Those attorneys include the solicitor general and deputies that served under Herring.


Virginia us, like many Blue States, overrun with woke state attorneys.

Social Justice reforms put criminal back on the streets, resulting in a 23% increase in homicides in one year.

Violent Leftist groups were given a pass while the Charlottesville kerfuffle was the excuse the Virginia AG needed to go on  Jihad against the boogeyman of white supremacism.

The new AG Jason Miyares is cleaning house of these Leftists and will return justice to the Virginia Department of Justice.

“If Your Local Prosecutor Won’t Enforce The Law, I Will”

Jason Miyares is the US born child of refugees from Cuba.

Nobody hates commies like the child of Cuban refugees.

I welcome his purging of commies from the VA DOJ and restoring law and order to a department that has become just a tool of Leftist political enforcement.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Trust a Cuban to hate commies”
  1. I wish him luck.

    He should use his access to criminal data to report on the success or failures of “Bail Reforms” and also the emptying the Virginia prisons.

  2. (Virginia residents) About time we had an intelligent Attorney General!
    Also, the House is introducing a lot of pro-gun legislation.
    Details at

  3. THIS is one of the problems with Americas political world- the dems get voted in(somehow) and run amuck with all thier hate filled bullshit FUBAR up a state(or Country) and We the People manage to wake up and vote em out. Then life gets better and better and instead of keeping it we become complacent and the fukkin hate filled dems creep back in and its FUBAR all over again. Its like a vicious circle… THIS time Id like to see America wake up and we get slime out of office.

  4. Meanwhile, in LA a cop was killed (off duty) by 4 gang members. The sheriff managed to get the case turned into a federal case, specifically to avoid having it handled by the criminal-supporting DA. He actually said so (not in those precise words, but that was the meaning).

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