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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on ““Trust the Media about Guns!” (H and K version)”
  1. I didn’t catch the, um, error until I enlarged the photo. Nice journalisming (as Ben Shapiro would say).

  2. Since the only mag-fed guns I own are made by Arne Boberg, I had a harder time spotting the mistake…

  3. Doesn’t Bond arms have a bullpup pistol where you load the ammo “backwards” so to speak? Maybe that is what CBS has? Maybe HK is planning a similar pistol?

    1. Yes, Bond took over production of the Boberg pistol pkoning mentioned above. This design does pull the rounds backwards out of the magazine rather than pushing forwards but still requires you to load the magazine with the bullets pointed towards the muzzle.

    2. The “Bond Bullpup” is the Boberg design, the 9 mm one, apparently cleaned up and made more reliable. I found mine to be fine, but apparently some have had issues. It’s patented, so HK would have to get around that somehow.

      XR45 mags, you might ask Bond Arms. Supposedly they intend to bring back the XR45, but that hasn’t happened yet as far as I can tell. I just asked them about that, no reply yet. They did get me a replacement slide return spring, so perhaps they have the mags too.

      Then again, the mags seem to be the reason the XR45 rarely works. At least mine doesn’t, I get FTF about 10% of the time. Is yours better than that, Boris?

      1. I haven’t fired it yet.

        I bought it intending to make it my regular concealed carry. But, well, life happened, and then Boberg closed up. By the time I heard about that, magazines had become unavailable.

        Silly of me, really. I should just take it out and try it.

        1. Definitely try it. It shoots very nicely for such a small gun. Holsters exist though some of the well known holster makers don’t bother with Boberg. (Side Guard Holsters does, and they do good work.) The XR45 mag is strange in that the rounds are held in position by the rim, and in my experience that’s not as reliable as it should be. The mag spring is interesting (I helped Arne with that, but unfortunately it had already been patented decades earlier).

  4. Maybe they consulted the cop who puts AR mags in backwards….. geesh quit pickin on HK…hahahahahaha

  5. Id probabky buy a USP specifically so I can troll if I were to be interviewed under similar circumstances lol

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