Venezuela had a history of something similar and it was the efforts to control Yellow Fever and similar. It took over a decade, mostly under dictatorial governments of the time! They went house to house and sprayed with DDT and by the time Democracy had set in, people still allowed heath workers to come in and spray because it was the thing to be done.

The big events were the Vaccination Drives for Small Children and were done in a different and smart manner. They were done twice a year and they came to your neighborhood, not door to door. There was at least 2 weeks of Radio advertising announcing where the location would be and that they would not leave till there were people with kids waiting. I even recall pamphlets being distributed door-to-door and that was as close as they got

Even in a South American country recently coming out of a dictatorship, they understood that the “knocking on door” would backfire enormously. People reacted well to these measures, a lot of kids got vaccinated and the children’s mortality rates plummeted.

Eventually with the expansion of better medical services and availability of transportation so people could have access to the vaccines almost anytime, these drives were used only in remote locations with little or no healthcare services.

The Biden administration cannot shake the image of weakness and it is trying desperately to appear butch. This is why they are going crazy overcharging and treating Jan 6 people worse than Gitmo detainees. It is not a Healthcare initiative but a “we have a full ball sack” demonstration attempt.

It rings hollow.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

21 thoughts on “Trying to show a Butch Administration”
  1. There’s the eternal question of what manpower they expect to be using.
    In the bluest areas, they can maybe deputize “anti”fa. Elsewhere….
    Hey, except in a few specific circumstances, you’re under no legal obligation to respond to a knock on the door.
    If there’s a stranger hanging around on your doorstep making a nuisance of himself, tell him to leave. If he refuses to leave, call 911 and report a suspicious trespasser. Chances are, the door-knockers will have no actual legal authority, and they may already have pissed off the local authorities.
    Application of the 3-S Treatment probably won’t become necessary. Putting up “No Trespassing” and “No Soliciting” signs might be appropriate, and maybe Pestilence quarantine warning signs.

  2. As a general rule, I don’t open the door to anyone carrying a clipboard or anyone with a business logo on their shirt. Saves a lot of annoyance. If I look through the door and it’s a little kid or a neighbor I know, they’re about all I’ll open the door for.

  3. “Door to door to get them the information they need to know how safe and accessible the vaccine is.”

    If you aren’t insulted forever by this, you have no pride. What kind of down talking schoolmarm… speech… is this.

    1. Is there a single individual anywhere in the world that does not know about COVID, the vaccines, etc..? I want to meet this person.

      Seriously, this is nothing more than “raising awareness.” It is a way for lazy children to feel like they “did something” when in fact, there was no accomplishment whatsoever. It is more about this administration feeling good about itself than about any real accomplishment.

  4. One must ask “how do you know?”

    We all know they likely already do, but I’m sure the answer is likely not very nice for liberty, medical privacy, and privacy in general.

  5. My answer?

    Depends on if I’ve had my coffee, or not.

    .(1) “I identify as vaccinated!”

    (2) (pull door knocker into coughing embrace) ” Oh, you’re here! Just set the groceries on the counter!”

    (3) (unshaven, scowling, droopy BVDs) “I thought that after I killed the last Witnesses y’all sent to wake my night shift working ass up, you idiots would get a clue. C’mon in, Momma’ll warm up the back hoe!”

  6. Anyone knocking at my front door will have already committed criminal trespass tonget there.
    With a fenced perimeter, locked gate, no trespass signs, and a 50+ yard driveway, its quite easy to establish trespass intent.

  7. Why yes, yes I am undocumentated. Can I get a voter registration form with that Covid 19 questionaire? Of course I love the D’s. Oh, welfare too? Thanks comrade!

    1. Time to buy a big bag of rock salt…… by my simple calculations it will take them 79THIUSAND + years to do this….

  8. Who among us has not had the usual vaccination series from toddler age and up? DPT, smallpox, whooping cough, measles, shingles, etc.
    If someone asks, and you don’t have time for a debate, just say, “Sure!”

  9. At first glance, I read the title of the post as “Trying to show a Bush Administration.”

    Which didn’t make a whole lot of sense, until I remembered that the Dems are generally not a party to forgive and forget past grievances (real or imagined).

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