I use to be an audiophile. My best friend introduced me to “professional” sound equipment. Crown D150 per speaker and something to drive it at class A quality.

Then my mentor introduced me to “studio quality” sound equipment. Made my thousands of dollars in stereo equipment sound like a cheap boom box.

I was over over at this place to listen to his stereo one evening. His turntable had a 200 pound granite base for vibration isolation. Infinity reference speakers.

He played Heart’s Magic Man which was his comparison song. Both on vinyl and on CD. And you could hear the difference. Later we did A-B testing with random co-workers on different quality of digital sound reproduction to see which was better.

Regardless, this lead to a long time interest in music. I love to listen to music. When I’m programming I’ll often have music in my headphones. I want to be able to hear the good music.

At night, before falling asleep I’ll put on 30 minutes of random music picked by Miss Google. She’s learned the sort of music I like.

My lady heard this song for the first time and broke out laughing. It is such a collection of rude objectification of women. Still it has a nice beat to it.

To help get that song out of her head I then pulled up this song for her.

Hope y’ll enjoyed both

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By awa

One thought on “Tuesday Tunes”
  1. It’s pretty mild objectification, especially compared with rap or hip hop “music”. (See: W.A.P.)

    My wife has a thing for Trace. “He’s so handsome!”

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